Electric waste collections

Reuse, recycling and disposal for business IT Equipment


Business electric waste collections and disposal

We can collect, recycle and dispose of your laptops, computers and IT equipment. A free data removal service is included.

Our ISO Certification verifies that all your data will be securely destroyed.

The collection of working electrical equipment is free of charge, as part of the Digital Inclusion Scheme, backed by the Bristol City Council.

Bristol Waste electric van used for the electric waste collection

Free electric waste collection

To recycle and reuse business electric waste, we collect and safely dispose of WEEE, e-waste and old electrical equipment, including printers and routers.

We provide a free electric waste collection for working computers and electrical equipment that fit the eligibility criteria. Importantly, the free service doesn’t include waste from electrical and electronic equipment.

Our processes are fully accredited with a focus on security and protecting the environment.

Fill in our online form or call 0117 440 6681.

Working IT equipment eligible for FREE collection

We only collect working electrical items for free. If it’s not included in the list below there may be a fee for collection

  • Laptops and desktop computers
  • Re-usable electronics, not WEEE
  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Servers
  • Routers, switches and networking equipment
  • Monitors
  • Printers and scanners

What happens to your old electrical equipment?

Your electrical equipment will be reused through the Digital Inclusion Scheme or sold in the Reuse Shop. Alternatively, if the equipment is too old or broken, it will be stripped and recycled.

Secure destruction of confidential material

We will delete your data for free and securely, as certified by our ISO 27001 and BS EN 15713 credentials. ISO Quality Services conducts in-depth analysis and regularly reviews business activities.

ISO Certification

This certification provides the assurance that your data will be securely destroy and confidential information removed.

  • Ensures the destruction of data is compliant to industry standards
  • Provides a formal policy for secure data destruction
  • Enhances corporate social responsibility for safe data destruction

Book a collection

Complete the collections form or call the IT Reuse Service: 0117 440 6681

Your electric waste collection questions answered

Complete the form or call 0117 440 6681 to find out our next available collection slot.

We will collect working IT equipment for free. These include laptops and desktop computers less than six years old – call 0117 440 6681.

We can also collect;

  • re-usable electronics, not WEEE
  • mobile phones and tablets
  • servers
  • routers, switches and networking equipment
  • monitors

If you have a lot of WEEE including old wires, there maybe a charge for collection.

WEEE recycling is a specialist process to reuse and recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment. The implementation of the WEEE Directive introduces regularity requirements to effectively remove, treat, reuse and recycle of electrical equipment. This became law in the UK in 2014. Bristol Waste try’s to recycle, sell and donate any unwanted working electrical goods.

Electrical waste can contain toxic and hazardous substances, including mercury and lead. The UK creates around 1.45 million tonnes of electrical waste each year. In other words, the weight of one thousand Clifton Suspension Bridges!

Waste electrical and electronic equipment includes products that have a plug or a battery. This includes:

  • Large appliances like fridges and microwaves
  • Small household electrical goods including hovers and kettles
  • IT equipment
  • Radios and televisions
  • Lighting
  • Electronic tools
  • Toys and sports equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Smoke detectors and monitoring equipment
  • Automatic dispensers like drinks machines

Our accreditations