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Business 23L food waste collections

As a business, it’s likely you produce food waste of some kind. Whether it’s tea bags and coffee grinds or lunch leftovers and food scraps, it’s vital that any food waste you produce is managed responsibly.

We offer a cost-effective and space-saving food waste service that will:

  • Boost your recycling rates
  • Reduce your costs for general waste
  • Be convenient for your business

We know that not all offices have the requirements or space for an industrial-sized commercial food waste bin, so our 23L food waste bins might be what you’re looking for…


How can we help your business?

Our team have developed a new service for businesses in Bristol: 23L food waste collection. It’s ideal if you are short on space or producing a low amount of food waste. You can schedule collections at a frequency that suits you and upgrade to include more services whenever you need. Most importantly, you can be assured that all your food waste is transported and recycled within Bristol, from us to GENeco in Avonmouth.

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What are the benefits for your business?

  • Save space – the compact bin size means you can maximise your available space.
  • Raise your recycling rates – your general waste will no longer be contaminated by food waste.
  • Save money – you can avoid overweight bin charges with food no longer in your general waste.
  • Lower carbon footprint – food waste is recycled in Bristol, cutting transport time and emissions.
  • Better for the environment – more can be recycled as a result of less contaminated waste.