Food waste

Add a food waste bin to your waste management.


Food waste

Around 9.5 million tonnes of food is wasted each year in the UK. We at Bristol Waste Company continuously strive to reduce this in the City of Bristol, to contribute in increasing our recycling rates. As a business, you can positively contribute to the City by adding a food waste bin to your waste management package. No matter what industry you work within, your staff or customers likely produce an amount of food waste that can be saved from your general waste at a value for money cost. As well as the positive environmental affects, adding a food waste bin will reduce the weight of your general waste and consequentially, ensure you are avoiding overweight bin charges.

Staff and Lorry

Our business options

This includes a small 23L option or larger 140L and 240L options. You can see what these containers look like by clicking the link below. This decision will depend on the space that you have available at your business. If you are unsure – don’t worry. We can come and give your site a free audit to identify what you need for you.

staff and truck

On making your decision

Our experienced service teams will deliver your container of choice at a date and time that suits you and your business. Once filled, they will pick it up at a frequency that suits your requirements. Options can include daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We can tailor this collection further if you have special requirements, making it an entirely customisable service.

Want to find out how food is recycled?

The video below outlines the journey that your food takes on recycling.