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Digital Inclusion Scheme

Are you a charity in Bristol that needs updated desktop computers?


Digital Inclusion Scheme

The Digital Inclusion Scheme collects unwanted computers and redistributes them back into the Bristol community. It is a Bristol City Council backed project to promote digital inclusion as part of the One City approach.

By reusing and redistributing working IT equipment and providing tech support we hope to increase access to education, training and employment to reduce digital poverty in Bristol. 

Digital poverty

Digital poverty is the limited access to the internet or a digital device. This can create difficulties in accessing online information and services. By pledging 20% of working desktop computers to charity we hope to improve digital inclusion.

If you’re a Bristol charity that needs desktop computers please enquire, we may be able to help.

How does the scheme work?

We work with Bristol businesses and the public to source unwanted working IT equipment through our Electrical Waste Removal Service.

Electric van collections for the Digital Inclusion Scheme

Collect IT Equipment

We collect unwanted computers from businesses or receive donated computers from the Reuse Shop. The collection of working IT equipment is free of charge and helps to reduce the amount of E-waste entering landfill sites.

E-waste collection
Desktop computer for the Digital Inclusion Scheme

Test computers, remove data and check specifications

We carefully check and remove all data from the computers.

All desktop computers come with Windows 10. The minimum specification will be an i3 Processor, 4GB RAM, 250GB HDD and WiFi enabled.

Computer delivery for the Digital Inclusion Scheme

Deliver the computers

After you have applied and been accepted for the Digital Inclusion Scheme, we will deliver the computers to the charity’s Bristol address.

Apply here
Computers given to a school in Bristol

IT support

Once you have received your computers we want to make sure they are working correctly.

We will provide 3 months support, and 12 months warranty. 

Digital Inclusion Scheme Form

Complete the form to apply for reused desktop computers for your charity. We will contact you if you are eligible.

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