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We are a proactive contributor to the One City Plan. This is an approach to bring together a wide range of public, private, and third sector partners within Bristol that all share an aim to make Bristol a fair, healthy and sustainable city. For this reason, we aim to maximise the amount of materials that are reused and recycled by both the household and business communities around the city. Where we can, we want to educate and influence others to prioritise this too.

As a Waste and Recycling Management provider, we will tailor your bespoke recycling package to suit your requirements and boost your recycling rates, simultaneously. Our specialist staff are knowledgeable and can provide this service at a value for money price.



Cardboard is collected and transported to the local reprocessing plant, where it is flat packed, baled and compacted. It is then soaked, pulped and repurposed back into cardboard packaging.

Food Waste

Food waste

Food is taken to the local processing plant where it is de-packaged and extra plastics are removed. This resulting material is used to produce electricity for local homes in the Bristol community. The concentrated food waste goes through a second process resulting in biofertiliser for local farm land.

Garden Waste
Garden waste in a wheelbarrow

Green waste for business

Green waste consists of grass cuttings, hedge trimmings and other unwanted recyclable garden waste. It is sorted and the materials that can’t be composted are removed and disposed of correctly. The recyclable material is composted and used by local farmers as fertiliser.

Green waste


Glass bottles and jars are collected and transported to the local reprocessing plant. The different coloured glass is separated and items such as light bulbs and windowpanes are removed, as they require extra handling to recycle. The recyclable materials are then melted prior to being moulded back into new glass items. This process can be repeated endlessly to maximise the use of the material.

Plastic Bottles


Plastic packaging is baled and taken to the local processing plant. On arrival it is reprocessed. The plastic is broken down and cleaned. These smaller pieces are then melted and moulded into new plastic items. This process can take as little as six weeks.



Metal is taken to the local processing plant whereby, using the latest technology, it is separated. The metal elements are melted and treated to make new raw materials. Once completed, the recycled metal is used in the production of a new product. Metal that cannot be reused will be recycled via our local and approved recycling routes.

Working IT equipment
Commercial WEEE Waste

Working electrical and IT equipment

This includes mobile phones, monitors, computers and laptops.

We will collect working IT equipment from businesses for free. The data is then completely removed and PAT tested. Working electrical products are then given back to the Bristol community. The scheme is to improve digital connectivity to marginalised communities, charities and schools.

IT Reuse Scheme

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

This can be anything from stereos, TVs to white goods. These products are taken to our local reprocessing site where they are sorted, tested and where possible, fixed for reuse. Items that unfortunately cannot be fixed will be recycled via our local and approved recycling routes.

Disposable coffee cup

Coffee cups

Coffee cups are collected, sorted and baled so that the plastic can be removed and reprocessed. Our reprocessor, James Cropper, turns the resulting fibre is used for papermaking and Colourform, resulting in new products that can be recycled after use. Find out more about our For Cups Sake campaign below.

For cups sake!

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We will ensure all waste streams are recycled and disposed of in the correct way. Where possible, we reuse and recycle every material that we collect in order to maintain the protection of the environment.


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