Transfer Station

Our Transfer Station is accessible for businesses to dispose of their waste on an ad-hoc or regular basis. Situated alongside our Recycling and Reuse Centre in Avonmouth, you can rest assured that all of your waste will be handled, sorted and recycled correctly.

With our modern waste segregation equipment, space and capability to handle large volumes of materials, we are able to recover and recycle as much of your waste as possible. This ensures that maximum recycling levels are achieved.

Whether you want to sort your materials yourselves or leave that job to us, the same recovery and recycling process applies.

Things to consider:

  • Open 5 days a week
  • Monday – Friday (8am – 4pm)
  • You must present a valid Waste Carriers License
  • All vehicles of any size accepted
  • Most materials and waste streams accepted
  • You must wear PPE at all times including steel toe cap boots and hi viz.

Our process

  1. Enter site: Kings Weston Lane, Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 0YS.
  2. Drive onto the IN weighbridge where your registration will be entered into the system.
  3. Arrive at the window and provide us with your Duty of Care/Waste Carriers License. You will also have to reveal what you’re disposing of. This will be logged on the system along with the weight of your vehicle.
  4. Drive over to the correct trade bay and tip your waste.
  5. After tipping, return and drive onto the OUT weighbridge.
  6. When you come back to the window your vehicle will be weighed again.
  7. Our innovative system will tell our weighbridge operator how much you have tipped and therefore, what the cost is. At this point, you can pay by cash or card. You can also set up an account with us if you are a regular visitor.
  8. Finally, your Waste Transfer note will be printed and signed by you and our operator.
  9. Exit site.

What will we do with your materials?

We have a state of the art Reuse Shop on site that regularly saves items from unnecessary disposal. Therefore, if your collected materials are in working order, are fixable or need a little TLC, we will act accordingly to ensure that it ends up in our shop, avoiding landfill at all costs.

The residents of Bristol are then able to visit and pick up items at a low price, with all proceeds raised going to a local Bristol based charity.

Other materials that aren’t usable will be recycled safely and efficiently. Non-recyclable items will be disposed of using our network of local reprocessors.


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Avonmouth Reuse and Recycling Centre

Kings Weston Lane
BS11 0YS

0117 304 9580

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For more information about our Transfer Station, please email us at: or call us on: 0800 061 4321.