Street Cleansing

Report a street than needs cleaning and find out how our crews keep the streets clean and green.


Have you seen a street that needs cleaning?

Street cleansing issues such as litter, fly-tipping, hazardous waste and other mess can be reported directly to Bristol City Council. You can report an issue using the links below which will take you to the relevant page on the council website.

A street that needs cleaning

If you see litter or other mess on the street, let us know.


Report graffiti so we can remove it as quickly as possible.


Report rubbish that’s been dumped on the road, pavement or public land.


Flyposting is putting a poster, sticker or sign on public or private property without the permission of the owner.

Dog fouling

We have a responsibility to keep public areas like parks, playgrounds and pavements clear of dog mess.

Report a dead animal

Let us know if you see a dead animal or bird on the road or pavement, in a public space or in a private garden.

Our street cleansing team

Keeping our streets clean

Every year, our crews clean over 800 miles of roads and footpaths across the city and respond to more than 180,000 ad hoc job requests and service queries.

Removing fly-tip

Our crews respond to hundreds of reports of fly-tipping every year, as well as proactively clearing fly-tip they see whilst on their rounds.

Report fly-tipping
A Bristol Waste street cleansing operative litter picking a sunny street in Bristol

Daily litter picking

Our crews are out every day collecting litter from our busy city streets. Help them out by remembering to take your litter home with you or placing it in a bin.

Report litter
A Bristol Waste street cleansing operative using a jet washer to remove graffiti from a wall

Graffiti removal

Our graffiti removal crews clean public property such as benches, bollards, lampposts and walls of public buildings.

Report graffiti
A Bristol Waste street cleansing operative standing next to a street sweeper

Sweeping roads and footpaths

Our street cleansing crews are some of the first people awake in the city, clearing the roads and footpaths of Bristol with our fleet of street sweepers.

Bristol's litter mountain

Can you help keep our streets shipshape and Bristol fashion?