About Bristol Waste


Bristol Waste is your local recycling, waste collection and street cleansing company

We are committed to working in partnership with the people of Bristol to help all communities recycle more, throw away less and waste nothing.

We also run the recycling centres in Bristol and a commercial waste service, offering local businesses tailored, cost effective recycling and waste solutions. We are launching a workplace services businesses which will offer a variety of office services to Bristol businesses.

What does that mean?
  • We employ over 550 people who make 17 million scheduled collections every year, operate 180 vehicles, collect 160,000 tonnes of waste and recycling per annum – of which we send 75,000 tonnes for composting or recycling.
  • We clean 800 miles of streets and footpaths and deal with 180,000 ad hoc job requests and service queries annually.

We are Dedicated

We strive to make a difference.

We are Curious

We ask questions and explore possibilities.

We show Respect

We treat each other fairly.

We take Ownership

We accept personal accountability.

We are Collaborative

We come together to reach shared goals.

We work Safely

We embrace a culture of working together safely at all times.

Bristol Waste Senior Leadership meeting

At a glance: Who's who at Bristol Waste

All you need to know about our board, senior management team and key contacts.

Organisational structure
Bales of cans for recycling

Policies and ISO certification

Bristol Waste Company is your local recycling, waste collection and street cleansing company. We deliver high quality, safe, reliable and value for money services in a responsible manner. Read more about our policies and procedures as well as our ISO certification.

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