Household waste and recycling

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Bristol bins and recycling

In Bristol, most houses have kerbside waste and recycling collections. In this system, residents sort recyclable and non-recyclable materials into 5 containers that are collected from the kerb outside their home. Some households also subscribe to garden waste collections. Sorting recycling at home means we gather high quality recycling and collections are faster and more efficient.

Flats are more likely to have larger shared bins, called a mini recycling centre. On this page you’ll find links to more information about both systems.

Non-recyclable waste is collected fortnightly and recycling is collected weekly. Download your collection calendar to find out which day you should put out your bins, boxes and blue bag for cardboard.

Bristol bins on the pavement

Kerbside recycling

Find out what goes where and how to recycle in Bristol if you have recycling boxes and a wheelie bin. Find out what goes in each box, bin and bag and what happens to your recycling once it has been collected.

How to recycle at the kerbside
Large Bristol Waste recycling bins in front of a brick wall.

Mini recycling centres (shared bins)

Do you live in a flat with a bin store, either on the street or in your building? Find out what goes in each bin in your Mini Recycling Centre (MRC) and what to do with electronics, textiles and batteries.

How to use your Mini Recycling Centre
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Just moved to Bristol?

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions from new residents, including how to find your collection day and ordering new bins and boxes.

FAQ for new residents
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Managing property in Bristol?

Are your tenants doing the right thing with their waste and recycling? We’re here to help you manage the waste of your rental property.

FAQ for landlords
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How to get rid of bulky waste

Bulky waste is anything that doesn’t fit into your waste and recycling bins. You can book a collection for these items from Bristol City Council or a private company, donate them to charity, or take them to a Reuse and Recycling Centre.

How to dispose of bulky waste
Get involved

Bristol Waste's community engagement team

Our community engagement team run projects, deliver talks, and work with schools and community groups across the city to help Bristol waste nothing.