Business waste

We are a waste management provider based in Bristol, specialising in households and business waste.


Business Waste

About us

We are committed to working with businesses of all types and sizes to provide tailored recycling solutions. Our main aim is to minimise disposal and reduce costs.

We are experts in waste with extensive knowledge and experience on how to properly handle and dispose of it. We work with a huge variety of businesses across Bristol, including commercial properties, offices sites and managed properties.

Our aim

We will tailor a bespoke package to suit your needs and support you in boosting your recycling rates. Our specialist staff provide this service at a value for money price, whilst acting sustainably.

When it comes to ‘waste’ materials, everything is initially processed at our Recycling Centre in Avonmouth. We then use our local network of reprocessors to ensure all items are processed correctly through the following waste streams:

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We sort our general waste, the relevant materials are recycled and then the rest is sent to Energy from Waste to generate electricity.

We try to avoid sending items for disposal but as a very last resort once we have completed the final sorts this is what would happen.

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We often find construction waste consists of widely recyclable materials. This includes wood, concrete, metal and others.

This means we are able to sort the materials into the appropriate groups and recycle them accordingly.

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Clinical Waste


Things that are considered clinical waste include sharps, medical units, infectious and non-infectious waste.

We work with a network of local partners, who specialise in clinical waste disposal, to ensure it is disposed of safely, in the correct manner.

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Hazardous Waste


Hazardous waste includes batteries, paints, oils, acids, unused chemicals, thinners, aerosols and other dangerous materials.

We work with a network of local partners to ensure that it is disposed of safely, in the correct manner, both legally and sustainably.

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If you want to find out more about the different waste streams we offer or request a quote get in touch with our team. Email us at: or call us on: 0800 061 4321. Alternativley you can completed the form on our website by clicking the button below.