Bristol Waste Reuse and Recycling Centres

Our reuse and recycling centres are open. We have strict social distancing measures in place to ensure the safety of our staff and the public.


Visiting Bristol's Reuse and Recycling Centres

Our Recycling Centres are open. The current rules and number plate system remains in place for the foreseeable future.

Any visits must be in line with odd and even number plate system. This is to allow for social distancing and to help reduce queue times. These restrictions also apply to hire vehicles. Vans continue to require a permit.

Please note, it is illegal to bring business, trade or construction waste to the recycling centres.

Traffic management and queue reduction system

We are running an odd and even number plate system to reduce queues at both sites. We have also set up a live camera stream so you can check the queues at both of our sites before leaving the house. If the queues look busy please do not visit the site and try again another time.

There is currently no access to our St Philip’s site from Kingsland Road coming from the Old Market direction. This is to help the flow of traffic and ensure local businesses are not affected by the queues.

Smaller recycling centres can be found using Bristol City Council’s recycling centre finder.

Opening hours

The opening times for the Household Reuse and Recycling Centres are currently 8am – 4:15pm.

Monday: 8 am – 4:15 pm
8 am – 4:15 pm
8 am – 4:15 pm
8 am – 4:15 pm
8 am – 4:15 pm
8 am – 4:15 pm
8 am – 4:15 pm

Open 7 days a week

Winter hours: Between 25 October 2021 to 27 March 2022 – 8am – 4:15pm

Summer hours: Between 28 March 2022 to 24 October 2022 – 8am – 6:45pm

Closed 25 and 26 December 2021 and 1 January 2022

You’ll need to arrive at least 15 minutes before we close to give you enough time to unload your recycling and waste. You’ll need to sort recyclables and waste before visiting.

You will need ID to use our recycling centres

You must present valid ID confirming Bristol residency to use the recycling centres. These measures are designed to help reduce long queues and save the city money.

Accepted ID combinations:
  • Photo ID and Bristol City Council tax bill
  • Photo ID and utility bill with a Bristol address
  • Student ID card identifying you as a Bristol student

We accept paper and mobile bills

Officially recognised photo ID includes:
  • Driving license, including international driving licenses
  • Passport
  • National Union of Students (NUS) card
  • European Economic Area (EEA) member state ID card
  • Construction Identity Scheme (CIS) card

If you’re unable to provide photo ID please email

Bristol Waste recycling centre employee at Avonmouth recycling centre

Do you know the new recycling centre rules?

The rules have changed at our recycling centres to protect our staff and visitors. It’s important everyone follows the news rules to keep yourself, other members of the public and our crews safe.

Recycling centre guidance
Bag sorting sign

Please sort your waste before arriving at the Recycling Centre

Sorting your waste before arriving will make it quicker and easier to offload on site and ensure materials are put in the correct bays. Nearly 70% of what is in the average bin bag that is brought to our Recycling Centres could be recycled. Anyone arriving with bags of general waste may be encouraged to sort the bag on site to ensure all recyclable materials are removed before being thrown away. A table and boxes are provided on site to sort the waste, and hand sanitiser and spray are available to keep the area clean and safe.

Our site locations


Avonmouth Reuse and Recycling Centre

Kings Weston Lane
BS11 0YS

0117 304 9580

Get directions >

St Philips Reuse and Recycling Centre

Folly Lane, off Days Road
St Philips

0117 304 9580

Get directions >

What can you bring to a recycling centre?


Paper and magazines

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles

Fridge freezer

Refrigerators and freezers

Rubble and soil

Rubble and soil

Scrap metal

Scrap metal


Shoes, clothes and textiles

Shredded paper


Tin cans and foil

Wooden palette

Wood waste



Permit required for vans, pickups and towed trailers

If you are a Bristol householder with a van, pick-up or towing a trailer over 1.52 metres (5 feet) in length will need to apply for a permit to access either of our sites. Both of our recycling centres have a height restriction of 2.4m.

Business waste cannot be taken to our recycling centres.


We will only accept three sheets or three 25kg bags of bonded asbestos per visit, or per week, whichever is the less.

All asbestos must be double wrapped in polythene and sealed with tape.

Bagged asbestos must not be mixed with any other waste. We can only accept cement bonded asbestos and will not accept unwrapped asbestos.

Limits on DIY and construction waste

We limit the amount of DIY and construction waste you can bring to the site to six 25kg bags. Anything over this limit is classed as industrial waste, even if it is generated at home.

Why do we have these limits?

We are bringing out limits in line with other local authorities by imposing these limits. The limits also help to ensure our service is for Bristol residents only, rather than traders trying to dispose of their waste for free.

Examples of DIY and construction materials
  • Hardcore rubble and bricks, concrete slabs
  • Plasterboard
  • Roofing materials
  • Soil
  • Any waste mixed with other DIY or construction waste
  • Asbestos

We will only accept separated soil and rubble at the site. Please ensure you separate them as they will be refused if mixed with other waste.

What if you cannot get to the recycling centre?

Do you have usable furniture to donate?

Some charity organisations collect large, fit-for-purpose items for free so they can be reused. There are numerous charities in Bristol that will collect items, a selection of these are listed below. Check out their websites to find out more;

SOFA Project
Emmaus Bristol
Sue Ryder
British Heart Foundation

Please be aware leaving items out on the kerbside or street can be considered illegal fly-tipping and you could be prosecuted.

Do you have bulky items that you cannot get to the recycling centre?

Book a paid for bulky waste collection through Bristol City Council’s website using the link below.

Reopening Recycling Centres FAQ

Our Reuse and Recycling Centres are open with additional health and safety measures in place to help protect the public and our crew.

The health and safety of our crew and the public is our number one priority. We have health and safety measures in place such as limiting the number of cars allowed on site at one time and we ask you to continue social distancing on site.

The Reuse and Recycling Centres operated by Bristol Waste Company can only be used by residents living within the Bristol City Council area to dispose of their waste. Bordering councils have their own facilities, which their residents should be using.

Proof of address will be checked before you can enter the site and should be shown to staff through a closed window. You will need photo ID and a recent bill or student ID. Any vehicle that arrives on site and does not have proof of address will be turned away. To keep queuing to a minimum, please help us by having your proof of address documents ready.

We have reorganised the layout of the Recycling Centres and introduced social distancing measures such as two metre markings and only one person allowed in each section at a time. A limited number of cars will be allowed on site at any one time with a one in, one out policy.

The Recycling Centres are busy, so we have an odd and even number plate system in place to help manage traffic and reduce queuing.

The system means you can only visit the Recycling Centres on certain days depending on your vehicle number plate.

If the last number of your vehicle number plate is 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 this is an even number plate.
Examples of even number plates:
RL34 JGS (the last number is 4)
V952 GHD (the last number is 2)
PRIV8 A0 (the last number is 0)

If the last number of your vehicle number plate is 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 this is an odd number plate.
Examples of odd number plates:
GJ25 HJK (the last number is 5)
Y247 NDF (the last number is 7)
PRIV8 A3 (the last number is 3)

The last number of your licence plate will determine which day you can visit the Recycling Centres. For example, N951 HUP would be an odd number as the last number is 1.

The last number of your licence plate will determine which day you can visit the Recycling Centres.

This is primarily for your safety; we want all visits to the Recycling Centres to be in a controlled safe environment. The Recycling Centres are very busy and designed for vehicle access and not pedestrian access. Large lorries and other vehicles are active on site and unfortunately it is not possible to provide safe access routes or pavements for pedestrians.

Please do not arrive on foot as social distance measures mean our operatives will not be able to take any waste from you.

We have reorganised the layout of the Reuse and Recycling Centres and introduced social distancing measures such as two metre markings, only one person allowed in each section at a time. Car windows must always remain shut. Only a limited number of cars will be allowed on site at any one time with a one in, one out policy. Only one person from each vehicle will be allowed to unload unless an item is too heavy for one person to safely carry, in which case another adult member of your household will be able to assist. Our crew will not be able to help you unload.

Looking after our staff and the public is our number one priority. We are following our risk assessment and WISH and Government guidance with social distancing measures and hygiene procedures.