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Facility Management Specialists

We are a facilities management business operating under Bristol Waste.

To provide the most cost-effective service packages, we assess organisations’ needs to manage their cleaning, property maintenance, security, and waste.

We then provide a single service, bundled services or a complete facility management package to ensure their business continues to operate effectively.

Using our own people, processes and advanced technology, we can consolidate all service requirements into a single package. This means we are uniquely positioned to improve quality and reduce your costs.



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Ask us how we can support your organisation with our facilities management services.

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Our facility management services

In this fast-changing world, it is vital that an organisation has the time to focus its people on their core activities.

We take care of all other workplace elements to make sure they run smoothly. This is how our workplace services can really help.

Our professionally trained staff will build you a complete management system for office cleaning, security, commercial waste, building and grounds maintenance.

See all our services designed to support your organisation.

Building a facility management system

Need help managing your organisations facilities? We can help improve your business with our extensive service offering. Contact our team to discuss our single services or a bespoke management package for your operations and maintenance.

Grounds maintenance service


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Ask us how we can support your business with our facilities management services.

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Why choose Bristol Workplace?

We have a professional, customer-driven approach to all our processes. An account manager will be dedicated to your business or organisation and take the time to understand your requirements.

With the help of cutting-edge technology, your account manager will develop a competitively priced service package that will save you time and money.

Our extensive range of services can manage most facilities within an organisation. As a result, we are a one-stop shop for all workplace services, saving you time and money.

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Where we work

We work across most of the South West and the counties surrounding Bristol. Facility management services can easily be provided for organisations with offices in multiple locations.

If you have a few offices or buildings that need our services, please get in touch, and we can build you a bespoke management package.

Bristol City Council City Hall office and College Green with water and trees

Trusted facility services company

Bristol City Council is one of our clients. We provide cleaning and security services in many buildings across Bristol including libraries, museums, schools and social housing.

We were able to generate considerable savings for the council and invested in new functions to improve the service already provided.

Bristol City Council
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If you are interested in joining us, please have a look at our current vacancies. You can even send a speculative application to our HR team.


Waste and facility management services

Find out more about our Workplace services including cleaning, security, facilities management and grounds maintenance.


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Ask us how we can support your organisation with a single or complete facility management service.

Bristol Workplace frequently asked questions

The benefit of using a facilities management company like Bristol Workplace Services is that we can provide all the support your business needs under one roof, saving you money.

Instead of a one-size fits all approach, we take the time to understand the needs of your business, including the types of service you require, frequency of service delivery, and ideal contract length. Once we’ve established how we can best support your business, we’ll send you a bespoke quote for your approval.

Our facilities management service fees are then charged every month by invoice.

Interested in getting a quote? Contact our management team for a no-obligation consultation.

We keep your business or organisation running smoothly by providing services such as cleaning, security, building management, and pest control.

Facilities management allows your organisation or company to continue working effectively. Our services keep your staff safe, maintain a clean working environment, and keeps your workplace functioning.

A safe and clean workplace will create an enjoyable atmosphere, retain staff and encourage more people to want to come and work for you.

Without adequate facilities, management staff can become frustrated, stressed, and productivity drops. We provide essential support for your business’s core operations by ensuring your office or building is well maintained.

We are BICS accredited and all our staff receive ‘at work’ training. Monthly checks and audits are carried out with our clients and scored accordingly. Our supervisors regularly check on staff to check standards and we continually update on training.  All health and safety standards are in line legislation along with BICS.

Value can be added to a business or organisation through increased savings, improved productivity, staff satisfaction and a more efficiently managed building.

One of the biggest expenses to any organisation or business is building upkeep and facilities maintenance. Effective facilities management can dramatically reduce costs in this area. The level of long or short term savings depends on whether you have opted for continual routine maintenance and preventative measures or settled for reactive repairs.

To understand how our facilities management can add value to your organisation or business, consider how workplace facilities touch your business: think about the way your work environment looks and feels, how secure it is, and the quality and speed of general maintenance.

Our maintenance, cleaning and security services make sure your workplace operates smoothly and efficiently.

We won’t tie you in to a long contract. Our business support team will work with you to build a bespoke service package that reflects the needs of your business, including a contract length that works for you.  If you require a short term, weekly or annual service we can create a package for your business or organisation to help manage your workplace.

Our cleaners start and finish work between 6:00am – 21:00. This time is flexible.

To contact your cleaners, simply call us on 0117 304 9001 and we can pass on your message.

Yes, you can book additional cleans. Please contact us on 0117 304 9001 and we can organise this for you.

All the chemicals and equipment that are required to complete the job thoroughly are provided by Bristol Workplace.  We simply require a safe and secure place to store our equipment that will be accessible during the early hours of the morning.

Our team can work weekends and evenings depending on the service that is being provided. Please get in touch with us on 0117 304 9001 and we can work out a service solution that best fits your requirements.

We will always make sure our staff are suitable for the services we are offering you. Our staff will be checked against the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) when it is required for an industry, such as healthcare or schools.

We do support the Ban the Box initiative. This campaign creates a fair opportunity for people with convictions to compete for jobs by removing the tick box from application forms and asking about criminal convictions later in the recruitment process.

We love feedback! We work hard to provide high-quality service and any feedback you can provide helps us to maintain high standards. We will always make sure that positive comments are passed on to the crews involved in the job. We are also keen to hear from you if you also have suggestions or recommendations.

Please get in touch with us on 0117 304 9001.

Please contact our Workplace Services Team