Graffiti removal for businesses

Has your business property been tagged? Book a commercial graffiti removal service in Bristol.


Private property graffiti removal in Bristol

Unwanted graffiti and tagging on your private or commercial property can unfortunately be an added burden when you want to focus on running a business. However, getting it cleaned up quickly is important – unsightly tagging can hugely impact the impression that you make on your customers or visitors, as well as the general look of the City. We can help your business shine by offering a fast, reliable and value for money graffiti removal service.


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To book this service or get more information, email us at: or call: 0800 061 4321.

Graffiti removal from Bristol Waste

  • Thorough removal techniques for all surfaces
  • Rapid response unit – Graffiti free within 24 hours
  • Anti-Graffiti Coating (AGC)
  • Industry standard trained workforce

Our solution

If you live in a particularly built up area and experience a lot of unwanted graffiti, we can provide you with an ongoing solution to maintain the highest possible level of cleanliness for your environment. We can also provide one-off graffiti removals.

The City of Bristol is highly focused on improving the environment and the overall health and well-being of those who live here. We feel that part of this is ensuring that all areas are clean and tidy to a noticeably high standard. As part of the One City Plan, we are contributing to this effort by providing a graffiti removal service, available to businesses who require the removal of unwanted graffiti.

Whilst we are already widely recognised waste providers for the City, we are also highly experienced in improving and maintaining the overall aesthetic of your establishment.

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