Glass recycling

Regardless of what industry you work in, we can collect your glass.


Recycling glass in Bristol

Around 9.5 million kilos of glass bottles and jars are sent for recycling from Bristol every year. We are keen to continue recycling as much glass as we can as it can actually be recycled endlessly without too much loss of quality or unnecessary damage to the environment. This makes it especially easy to collect and recycle properly.

How can we help?

Regardless of what industry you work in, restaurants, pubs, construction or offices, we can collect your glass efficiently and ensure we’re prioritising the environment. Our dual top loader vehicle which collects glass and food (in separate compartments) already travels around the City to service local businesses.

We can provide you with either 140L, 240L or 360L containers (take a look at what this looks like). Our experienced service teams will deliver your container of choice at a date and time that suits your business.

Once filled, they will pick it up at a frequency that suits your requirements. Potential options include, but are not limited to, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We can tailor this collection further if you have particular requirements.

Glass Recycling

Our process

Glass recycling is cost effective, quick and takes up little space at your business premises. We can help you segregate your glass for collection to ensure that it is fully recycled and kept as a valuable resource, rather than unnecessarily ending up in landfill.

How glass is recycled

What will we do with your glass?

Once collected by our environmentally friendly trucks, the glass is transported to the local reprocessing plant. The different coloured glass is separated and items such as light bulbs and windowpanes are removed. The recyclable materials are then melted prior to being moulded back into new glass items. This process can be repeated endlessly to maximise the use of the material.

Transfer Station

Want to find out how glass is recycled?

Our video shows the journey that your glass takes on recycling.

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