Apply for a permit using our simple application form

**COVID-19 Update: We are currently unable to process large van and trailer permit requests. We also have restrictions to access to our recycling centres in place. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Whilst we are still experiencing the coronavirus pandemic it is important to reduce non-essential movements where possible to protect the public and our workforce. ** 

You need a permit to take waste and recycling to our recycling centres if you have a van, pick-up or towing trailer over 1.52 metres (5 feet).

How long does it take?

Once you’ve applied for a permit the processing and delivery normally take approximately 10 working days. The permit will be sent from the Bristol Waste Company.

Conditions of use

You must be a Bristol resident living within the Bristol City Council boundaries and any waste you bring to site must be from your own home. Please note: You cannot get a permit for a business vehicle.

Bristol Waste Company operate Bristol’s Reuse and Recycling Centres on behalf of Bristol City Council and issue permits for these sites.

Apply for permit

Required fields are marked with a *
Vehicle registration*
Trailer size (if applicable)
Post Code*
Contact phone number*
Email address
Copy of page one of your Vehicle Registration Document (V5 log book)* Additional pages of V5 log book
Copy of your photo card driving licence*
Copy of a recent Council Tax or utility bill*

What does the permit allow?

  • Disposal of household waste only
  • 12 visits within 12 months of issue date
  • Vehicles up to 2.4 metres high

We will do checks on permit use

To enter the recycling centre you will need to present your permit on arrival and confirm what type of waste you have in your vehicle. If we suspect the waste is not from your own home, or that the permit is being misused, we may cancel your permit or take legal action.

If you visit the site in a Car Club or Zipvan vehicle you will only be asked for proof of address (preferably council tax bill or driving licence) to be able to use the site.

What to do about damaged and lost permits

We will replace permits. Please send us your damaged permit, explaining why it needs replacing.

If you have lost your permit please write to let us know, giving us your name and address. We will send you a new permit with one visit taken off for each month since the issue date.

Other ways to apply

If you do not wish to apply online, you can apply or reapply for your permit using one of the following options.

By email:

Please download and complete the permit application form below. Then email your completed form to

By post:

To get an application form by post, call us on 0117 304 9580 during office hours (between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday)

You’ll need to provide a copy of:
  • Vehicle Registration Document (V5 log book, all pages)
  • A photo card licence or a valid paper licence
  • Council Tax or utility bill from the last three months


Contact information

RRC Permit Applications

Permit Application
Bristol Waste
Albert Road
St. Philips, Bristol


Opening Hours

Open seven days a week
8am until 4.15pm from October until March
8am until 6.45pm from April until September
Closed 25th, 26th December and 1st January

Reopening Recycling Centres FAQ

Our Reuse and Recycling Centres are reopening with additional health and safety measures in place to help protect the public and our crew.

The health and safety of our crew and the public is our number one priority. We’re following Government and industry advice and have implemented additional health and safety measures such as limiting the number of cars allowed on site at one time and strict social distancing to help prevent the spread. We’re advising residents to only travel to the recycling centre if it is absolutely essential to do so and the items cannot be stored safely at home for the time being.

The two Reuse and Recycling Centres operated by Bristol Waste Company can only be used by residents living within the Bristol City Council area to dispose of their waste. Bordering councils have their own facilities, which their residents should be using.

Proof of address will be checked before you can enter the site and should be shown to staff through a closed window. You will need photo ID and a recent bill or student ID. Any vehicle that arrives on site and does not have proof of address will be turned away. To keep queuing to a minimum, please help us by having your proof of address documents ready.

We have reorganised the layout of the Recycling Centres and introduced social distancing measures such as two metre markings and only one person allowed in each section at a time. Only a limited number of cars will be allowed on site at any one time with a one in, one out policy.

We expect the Recycling Centres will be extremely busy, so we have an odd and even number plate system in place to help manage traffic and reduce queuing. The system means you can only visit the Recycling Centres on certain days depending on your vehicle number plate.
If the last number of your vehicle number plate is 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 this is an even number plate.
Examples of even number plates:
RL34 JGS (the last number is 4)
V952 GHD (the last number is 2)
PRIV8 A0 (the last number is 0)
If the last number of your vehicle number plate is 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 this is an odd number plate.
Examples of odd number plates:
GJ25 HJK (the last number is 5)
Y247 NDF (the last number is 7)
PRIV8 A3 (the last number is 3)

The last number of your licence plate will determine which day you can visit the Recycling Centres. For example, N951 HUP would be an odd number as the last number is 1.

The last number of your licence plate will determine which day you can visit the Recycling Centres.

This is a staged reopening and we are not currently able to accept waste from anyone in a transit sized van. Only cars and small vans will be allowed to use the site initially to help keep queues to a minimum. We are continually reviewing the situation and following Government issued guidelines. Please regularly check this website for updates.

A small van would be of a similar size to a Citroen Berlingo. You will still need a permit to bring a van to the Reuse and Recycling Centre, if you haven’t got a permit you can apply through our website. Anything bigger than this will not be able to access the sites for the time being.

Please note, we will continue to review the access criteria based on queues and demand. Access for small vans may need to be restricted if the number of people visiting either site becomes unmanageable.

This is primarily for your safety; we want all visits to the Recycling Centres to be in a controlled safe environment. The Recycling Centres are very busy and designed for vehicle access and not pedestrian access. Large lorries and other vehicles are active on site and unfortunately it is not possible to provide safe access routes or pavements for pedestrians.
Please do not arrive on foot as social distance measures mean our operatives will not be able to take any waste from you.

Although the site is reopening, the pandemic continues to have an effect and we cannot promise that it will be business as usual. We will try to accept reuse items where possible, however if you have an item that is in good condition and could go on to have another life in a different home, do try to store it until social distancing is relaxed.

We have reorganised the layout of the Reuse and Recycling Centres and introduced social distancing measures such as two metre markings, only one person allowed in each section at a time. Car windows must always remain shut. Only a limited number of cars will be allowed on site at any one time with a one in, one out policy. Only one person from each vehicle will be allowed to unload unless an item is too heavy for one person to safely carry, in which case another adult member of your household will be able to assist. Our crew will not be able to help you unload.

Looking after our staff and the public is our number one priority. We are following our risk assessment and WISH and Government guidance with social distancing measures and hygiene procedures.