The Waste Nothing Challenge

The Waste Nothing Challenge supports households to reduce the amount of waste they produce over the course of a year. We are now in the second year of the challenge and have 100 households actively involved.

Bristol Waste and our Waste Nothing Partners provide guidance and resources to participating households. This includes a starter kit of reusable items, free or discounted workshops and activities, discounts at partner shops, a supportive online forum, as well as a programme of actions to follow throughout the year.

In turn, participants keep a record of their progress by weighing their waste and recycling every week.

How did our 2019 Waste Nothing Challengers get on?

Participants at a cheese making workshop

Practical workshops

Participants in the 2019 Waste Nothing Challenge took part in a cheese-making workshop to help them avoid plastic packaging.

A woman leading a workshop while an audience watch.

Thought-provoking discussions

Events like this one with Incredible Edible are held throughout the year to educate and inspire the Waste Nothing Challengers.

Waste Nothing Challenge partners

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