The words 'Waste Nothing Challenge' surrounded by illustrations of reusable and single use items such as lunch boxes, water bottles, drinks cans, food and bags, The words 'waste nothing challenge' surrounded by illustrations of reusable and single use items such as tin cans, plastic bags, glass jars and keep cups.

Join over 600 Bristolians in the Waste Nothing Challenge!

After running two year-long challenges with 150 Bristol households to reduce their waste we’ve extended the invitation to everyone, and already more than 600 Bristolians have taken part!

We’ve distilled all the knowledge, insights and zero waste hacks from our award-winning zero waste challenges into 30 days of waste reducing, money saving ideas and activities, delivered directly to your inbox.

30 days, 30 ways to reduce your waste

Each day brings a new, easy-to-action challenge from experts in waste reduction and sustainability, offering valuable guidance for free!

A mum, dad and two daughters sort recycling together at the table.

Build sustainable habits through easy-to-follow challenges

Through our previous waste nothing challenges and city-wide behaviour change campaigns we’ve learned that small, everyday changes are the best way to build habits that last. That’s why the Waste Nothing Challenge focuses on simple activities, such as where to store food to make it last longer or how to change up your bathroom routine to cut the plastic.

With challenges written by City To Sea, sustainable stylist Becky Barnes and chef and author Shane Jordan, along with Bristol Waste’s behaviour change and sustainability experts, there’s something for everyone.

Saving the planet doesn’t have to cost the earth

The Waste Nothing Challenge debunks the myth that making eco-friendly choices has to come with a hefty price tag. Our experts carefully considered the cost and potential savings of the challenges they set. Each one is crafted with both your wallet and the environment in mind, focusing on practical, cost-effective ways to reduce waste and live sustainably.

Plus, don’t miss the chance to win incredible low waste prizes from local businesses in our regular prize draws. Previous prizes have included a £100 voucher to spend on experiences with Yuup, a £50 voucher for Preserve Foods, veg boxes from The Community Farm, and membership to Share Bristol’s Library of Things.  Keep an eye out – you could be our next winner!

What people are saying about the Waste Nothing Challenge

  • “It made me more conscious about exactly how much waste we created, and the challenge offered tangible methods to reduce it.”
  • “It was a constant reminder to stay on top of it (otherwise life can sometimes just get in the way).”
  • “It made me rethink and think of new ways to reduce waste, finding more cost-effective solutions.”
  • “It’s pushed me to take positive steps I might not have taken without the challenge.”

How it works

  1. Sign up with your email and join more than 600 Bristolians already challenging themselves to waste less
  2. Receive a daily dose of inspiration and practical advice in your inbox for the next 30 days
  3. Watch as the small changes you make add up to a big difference in your home and city!

Experience the journey: hear from our original Challengers

A young girl looking through a large magnifying glass

Become a bin detective

The game is afoot! Can you solve the mystery of what could be reused, recycled or reduced? See if you can identify the waste your family are chucking in the bin.

Don’t forget to follow the checklist before you start, and come well prepared to solve the mystery! Every good detective has to have the right equipment before entering the scene. A bin-investigation can be a bit messy, so you’ll need to wear gloves.

Good luck detective!

Start the investigation!

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