Sustainable resolutions for your business

A smiling Bristol Waste employee stands in front of a pile of business recycling.

Try these sustainable business resolutions in 2022

If you’re keen to become sustainable business, you’ve probably heard of the three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. While we all know – or can guess – what this means at home (small changes we can make in our everyday lives such as using keep cups, buying fewer plastic-wrapped apples, and sorting cardboard and brown paper into the blue bag) how do these principles apply to an office environment?

Consumers are keener than ever to make ethical choices when it comes to spending their money. Having a sustainable business model is not just the right thing to do for the environment, it’s also a unique selling point you can shout about on your website, social media and marketing materials.

These sustainable business resolutions will help you kick start your green ambitions by getting the basic principles of waste management -the 3 R’s – in order, and then show you how becoming greener is not only better for the environment, it’s good for business too.

Reduce the amount of materials you use

From paper to plastic and everything in between, there’s a good chance you could be using fewer materials in your workplace. Reducing the amount of new materials you use day-to-day is not only good for the environment (creating brand new products requires power, water and raw materials), reducing expenditure is also good for your budget.

Try removing single-use cups from water dispensers, printing fewer noticeboard messages, or ordering smaller batches of flyers.

Top tip: Scale pricing can make bulk orders of marketing materials look tempting, but ask yourself if you have a use for an extra 500 flyers? If you use the same printer regularly, you can also ask them to take your repeat business into consideration and get a reduction in cost similar to a one-off bulk order.

Reuse as much as you can

Reuse goes hand-in-hand with reducing. Instead of buying new materials, reuse what you already own. Start the year with an audit of all your materials and assets and decide what to keep, what to repurpose and what to recycle. If something can’t be used in its current form and it’s not recyclable, can you dream up another use for it?

From work surfaces made of old CDs to office art installations, up-cycling is a creative way to remind your team and customers of your commitment to being a green workplace.

Recycle as much as possible

Most offices have paper recycling these days, but what about food waste, plastic or glass? Bristol Waste can provide a bin for almost everything, including green waste and hazardous materials.

Make a 2022 resolution to recycle as much as possible by having the correct bins and encouraging your employees to recycle materials once they’ve finished with them. Having a recycling policy is great for the planet and your green credentials are good PR.

Find out more about our recycling services for businesses.

Donate office furniture

Demonstrate the positive social impact of your business by donating furniture and equipment you no longer need.

Used office desks, chairs and filing cabinets can be donated to charity or second-hand shops that will find them a new home. There are lots of organisations in Bristol that will gladly find new homes for your old furniture. Passing on your old office equipment to be re-homed is something you can celebrate on your business website and social media accounts, demonstrating your commitment to providing social value in your community.

Find out more about our Reuse Shop in Avonmouth and how to donate.

Donate IT equipment

It’s not just furniture that can be donated. Our IT Reuse Scheme collects home and office e-waste such as computers, phones and laptops and redistributes it through Bristol City Council backed programmes to those who need it. Working office IT equipment donated to our scheme is redistributed by Bristol City Council to schools and families, helping to close the digital access gap and eliminate digital poverty.

Find out more about our IT Reuse schemes.

Choose eco-friendly suppliers

Just as your customers will take your sustainable choices into account when choosing to use your business, you should be thinking about the same things when choosing a supplier. From cleaning companies to printers, to waste management – some suppliers will align more with your values than others.

We’re proud to shout about our own green credentials that include using electric vehicles and eco-friendly cleaning products and a commitment to helping Bristol Waste nothing. If you want a helping hand to make your business greener, give our commercial team a call on 0800 061 4321 or email

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