Bristol businesses receive free litter picking kits

Bristol businesses receive free litter picking kits

Businesses play an important part in the Big Tidy. Our high streets are the shop front of Bristol, so litter, bins and recycling boxes left out are a real smudge on the glass. To keep them sparkly clean, the Big Tidy encourages businesses to make a pledge to do their bit. And now with more funding, we’ve been able to go a step further!   

Thanks to Bristol City Council’s City Centre and High Streets Team, the Big Tidy team has delivered litter picking kits to over 27 businesses across Bristol. From community centres to cafes, supermarkets to playgrounds, it’s clear the businesspeople of Bristol are enthusiastic about bringing the sparkle back to their area. 

A cleaner city isn’t the only benefit. A litter picking kit is a great way to improve a company’s green credentials, get the team out in the fresh air, and build a strong relationship with communities. Once they’re signed up, we encourage businesses to organise team litter picks, work with customers to clean up local streets, or even just chat with other businesses to make sure they bring their bins in.  

Coop team making the Big Tidy Pledge outside a store

St Anne’s and Broomhill Co-op


Two members of the Ardagh Community Trust making the Big Tidy Pledge

The Ardagh Community Trust

Want to get involved? Drop us an email at and our friendly team can get you started. We can also work with you to connect you with local community groups and hold an even bigger litter pick.  

See who else has pledged to bring the sparkle back to Bristol! 

Check out our map tracking all the businesses that have signed up around Bristol or take the Big Tidy pledge.

At The Ardagh we value the vital open spaces which are enjoyed by many people in the area. We feel that by developing a monthly litter picking group with local volunteers using the equipment supplied by the Big Tidy, we can help to keep these spaces clean, tidy and litter free to improve the experience for everyone using Horfield Common and surrounding areas.

Sally Mines, The Ardagh Community Trust 

Co-op St Anne’s store is situated next to the river, and it can attract litter around there. We wanted the kit for customers to borrow for their own litter picks and so local community groups could use them as part of their tidies. I've used the kit with my own 6-year-old who loves keeping the local area clean so it will be fun to borrow in school holidays.

Cheryl Warner, Member Pioneer for St Anne's and Broomhill Co-op 

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