Help us bring the sparkle back to Bristol

Join Bristol’s Big Tidy and show your street some love! Hundreds of people have already made a Big Tidy pledge to help keep Bristol clean and green, from litter picking and cutting back overgrown bushes to community paint-outs. What will your pledge be?

Make a Big Tidy pledge

Keeping our streets clean and green is a community effort, so we're inviting everyone to join in by making a Big Tidy pledge to bring the sparkle back to our streets.

Is there a community project you’re trying to make happen in your area?

This could be clearing up an alleyway between houses, painting out a wall that has been repeatedly tagged, organising a community litter pick or something else.

Looking for Big Tidy pledge idea?

How about…

Bins left on the street make it very difficult for wheelchair users and people pushing buggies to get around safely. Bringing our bins in is a simple action we can all take to help make Bristol safe for everyone.

Is your neighbour a secret litter picker? Hundreds of Bristol citizens spend at least a few minutes every week keeping their neighbourhood free from litter. Spending just 60-seconds litter picking can make a huge difference, give it a go and see for yourself.

Find out more about litter picking in Bristol.

People all across the city are helping to make our streets cleaner and greener by reporting street issues such as litter fly-tipping. With your help, we can catch the people who illegally dump waste on our streets and in our countryside and bring the sparkle back to Bristol.

It’s easy to make a report: Report fly-tipping to Bristol City Council.

Did you know each box, bin and bag has its own special compartment on the recycling lorry?

Learn more about recycling in Bristol.

On your marks, set, go! Two minutes to collect as much litter as you can. Count up your score and pop it all in your nearest bin. Double points for every item you recycle!

If you run a business in Bristol, you could choose to go on a regular lunchtime litter pick, install a bin for your customers, or educate your team about waste and recycling.

Thank you for helping to bring the sparkle back to Bristol!