Young Environmental Hero

Elvey - litter picking legend!

Elvey first came to our attention when BBC Bristol filmed his litter picking efforts around the harbourside. From a young age, Elvey recognised the damage and destruction that litter, including plastics, can have on our planet and decided to take steps to make a difference.

Elvey regularly picks up litter around the harbourside in Bristol, knowing the harm that it does to our oceans, and inspires others to do the same. He gets friends to join in his crusade.

We nominated him for Community of Purpose’s Young Environmental Hero award in 2020, and he won! He has been recognised for all being the litter picking and recycling hero he is and we know he’ll go far.

We interviewed Elvey before the awards, read on to find out what he does and how you can get involved. He will always be one of our heros and we can’t thank him enough for helping to keep Bristol’s streets clean.

What made you want to start litter picking?

“Picking up litter from the harbour came naturally to me, I grew up climbing trees and spending a lot time outside in nature with no television so I’ve always been aware of the impact litter on our environment. I started a while ago in the summer and after a couple of months, some of the kids from Cathedral school nearby started joining in too. ”

What keeps you going?

“Doing what other people wouldn’t do, going through waste and plastic to try to improve things. Recycling rubbish is not going to change the world but the movement of people doing something good like that together might.”

What sort of reaction do you get from people when you’re litter picking?

“It’s really varied but generally positive. A few people have said “good on you”, some people are worried about my safety and tell me to be careful. One person even gave me some money for doing!”

What would you say to other young people who are interested in getting involved?

“Don’t wait for someone else to tell you to do it or an adult to ask you. Just start by getting out there on the streets. Some environmental groups might have a bad rep but polite changes for climate change have been made more acceptable so in a way they are successful. Follow my Twitter account for updates on what I’m up to and how to get involved @lv_inc_real”

What does it mean to have been nominated for the Young Hero Environmental award?

“Surprised, I didn’t know I could be recognised for doing it. It makes me feel more confident and that maybe something I say is worth listening to.”

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