Covid service updates 9 April 2021

Our Recycling Centres remain open. If you need to visit one of our sites, the current rules and number plate system will remain in place and queue times may be longer than usual, please check our website for details: Recycling centre updates. 

Our sites open at 8am and shut at 6.45pm – please bear this in mind if you need to visit the sites. Please check the queue camera before visiting.

The Reuse Shop at Avonmouth will reopen on Monday 12 April. It will be open from 10am – 3pm, 7 days a week.

Easton Leisure Centre’s Big Tidy

Easton Leisure Centre cleans up lovely!

To celebrate 12 months of the Big Tidy bringing the sparkle back to Bristol, we’ve been working with artist Jenny Simmons to paint a bright and colourful mural on the walls of Easton Leisure Centre.

Residents commented that the newly painted wall was brightening their day, made the footpath feel friendlier, and was a huge improvement on the previously heavily tagged walls.

The mural covers years of tagging and encourages everyone to help keep the much-used footpath clean, safe and welcoming. This 'before' photo shows just how badly tagged the building had become.

Mayor Marvin Rees joined the painting crew on Monday evening, and as the tallest volunteer was quickly put to work painting the top edge of the mural.

Speaking to the volunteer crew, the Mayor said, “I launched the Big Tidy this time last year to address the continuing problems of littering, graffiti and fly-tipping across the city. The Big Tidy teams help tackle these issues in areas where we know there is a significant problem.

“Bringing the sparkle back to an area isn’t as simple as cleaning up a street and thinking that the problem is solved. Residents have to feel ownership of their streets and take pride in them, which is why we have engagement officers on the Big Tidy team to encourage positive behaviour changes and enforcement offers to discourage illegal activities such as fly-tipping and tagging.”

Bristol artist Jenny Simmons designed the bright and colourful mural to discourage tagging and help bring the sparkle back to the building. She said, "I wanted to create a mural that could evolve over time, the modular design means that if the walls are tagged again new shapes can be painted over them."

Artist Beth Breeden helped Jenny to mark out the mural in chalk and cut in around the edges of the pattern before volunteers began painting.

On Tuesday, volunteers from Bristol Waste and Bristol Council started filling in the vibrant blocks of colour in the design to brighten up the alleyway.

It was all hands on deck as it started to get dark.

After two days of painting, the new mural was complete and the alleyway transformed!

Huge thanks go to all the volunteers, artist Jenny Simmons and Beth Breeden, Noel Hickman from Easton Leisure Centre, Bristol City Council and Mayor Marvin Rees.

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