Great Bristol Spring Clean results 2024

A record breaking Great Bristol Spring Clean

Record-breaking Bristol litter picks took place this spring, with over 1,500 people joining the Great Bristol Spring Clean between 5 April and 6 May 2024.

Residents and businesses across Bristol sprang into action to help keep our city looking clean and green. Last year’s record of 1,000 hours spent litter picking was no match for this year’s volunteers, with an outstanding 1,800 hours dedicated to bringing the sparkle back to Bristol. Many of these volunteers helped clean up after the Grand Iftar on Stapleton Road – an amazing show of community spirit.

Let’s check all the results for the 2024 Great Bristol Spring Clean to find out how everybody did:

Great Bristol Spring Clean Results

  • You organised 185 litter picking events across the city.
  • In total, 1,527 of you took part in a litter pick, an incredible 153% increase on last year!
  • You dedicated even more time to keeping Bristol clean this year, with a total of 1,882 hours spent litter picking.
  • You collected a massive 676 bags of litter, 239 more bags than last year.
  • In total, we loaned 508 litter picking sticks to both adults and children.


Want to give litter picking a go?

Every year we loan thousands of litter picking sticks, bags and hi-viz vests for free to help everybody get involved. It is the perfect way to meet locals, get a spot of fresh air and notch up a load of steps.

To get involved, join one of over 20 litter picking groups in Bristol or borrow some kit to go out picking with a group of friends. It’s not only residents that can get involved, lots of businesses have signed the Big Tidy pledge and are regularly organising staff litter picks. Even the Bristol Bears kicked off their pledge with one of the largest litter picks yet!

It’s never too late to give litter picking a go. Book your kit and get picking!

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