Spark change in the heart of Bristol with Electric Avenue

This November 2021, we’re calling on all Bristol households to have a search in drawers, cupboards, and boxes to see if you can uncover and donate any long-forgotten electricals. Environmental charity Hubbub will then be testing them for safety and rehoming them in Electric Avenue, a temporary pop-up store in Bristol City Centre.

Did you know? The UK produces more electrical waste per person than any other country in the world (except for Norway). There are around 40 million gadgets currently sitting unused in UK homes and around 1.9 million households which are ‘digitally disconnected’ and would benefit from access to items many of us consider a necessity. The amount of electrical waste the world will produce in 2021 weighs more than the Giza Pyramid or the Great Wall of China!

This project is a collaboration between Bristol Waste, Hubbub and funded by Ecosurety.

Electric products that can be rehomed

How to get involved

I have an electrical item which is in working condition and could be reused…

We’re looking for donations of: heaters, fans, hairdryers, blenders, nutribullets, slow cookers, popcorn makers, coffee machines, radios, speakers, amps, electronic items – phones, laptops, tablets (basically: anything with a plug).

The Reuse Shop at the recycling centre in Avonmouth

Win £50 Reuse Shop Voucher

If you have any of these items that you no longer use but are in working condition, please bring them to the Avonmouth Reuse Shop or the Electric Avenue pop-up store between 26th November and 5th December. We’ll take your name and email address to enter you into a prize draw to win a £50 voucher.

For more information, please see the competitions terms and conditions.

Computers in the Reuse Shop

Please factory reset any electronic device such as phones and laptops

Please make sure all data is wiped. These items will be prioritised to digitally disconnected households, helping to increase quality of life and reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Circuit board showing a computer chip

I have an electrical item that needs to be repaired/is broken

Needs to be repaired – You can find resources to fix your item online or at repair cafes and centres around Bristol.

Is broken – Your Bristol Waste team will be collecting electrical items for recycling as usual. To recycle an item, please put it in a plastic carrier bag and place it next to your usual recycling. Your Bristol Waste crew will make sure it gets recycled.

Place to dispose of electrical items at the Reuse Shop in Avonmouth

I want to visit the Electric Avenue pop-up store!

Come along to donate any working electrical items and see what items you may need that are available to be rehomed for free.

  • Location: Store Number: BG14, Galleries shopping centre, 25 Union Street.
  • Opening hours: 10am – 6pm.
  • Dates: Friday 26th November – Sunday 5th December.


Repairing an electric product

How can I extend the life of electricals more generally?

If you have items to give away, you can drop them off to the Avonmouth Reuse Store all year round. Alternatively, you can post them for free on websites such as Gumtree, Olio, Freegle or on Facebook marketplace.

If you need help making your devices last longer, environmental charity Hubbub have pulled together some simple tips.