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Help stop bin-digestion!

Check out our new food waste reduction campaign, get involved and help us stop bin-digestion!

Did you know that 20,000 tonnes of food waste is thrown into Bristol’s black bins every year? That’s about a quarter of every black bin in the city which is being filled with food. Of that, almost three quarters is completely avoidable food waste.

We want to reduce this figure and help make sure that any unavoidable food waste is put in your brown food waste bin to be recycled.

Does your bin smell bad? Is it too full by collection day? Does it attract pests?

Food waste in your bin could be causing bin-digestion. Keeping your bin happy is really easy – simply keep food waste out of your black bin and put it in your brown caddy (all packaging removed) to be recycled instead.

The average Bristol family throws away £730 of edible food every year! Making sure all food waste goes in your caddy is great for the city and our planet, but you can also save money by taking simple steps to reduce avoidable food waste. Check out our Food Waste Reduction Tips for ideas and bin-spiration.

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Top tips to reduce your food waste

Help stop bin-digestion by reducing your food waste as much as possible. Check out these helpful tips and easy tricks to help you buy, store, cook and dispose of your food.

Food waste tips
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Questions about the campaign?

Learn more about the exciting campaign encouraging Bristol residents and families to recycle food waste rather than putting it in their black wheelie bin.

Campaign FAQs
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Do you have a happy kitchen?

More top tips from our Sustainability and Community Engagement teams for reducing food waste.

Say goodbye to food waste!
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Your food waste questions answered

Check out our frequently asked food waste questions.

Food Waste FAQs

Haven't got a food waste bin?

You can order a new food waste caddy or bin from Bristol City Council.