Love St Pauls brings a colourful bin art trail to Bristol

St Pauls bin art project set to tackle rubbish behaviour

Love St Pauls is an unusual street art project made from decorated bins with the aim of changing the way people think about waste.

As part of a campaign called ‘Love St Pauls’ we have been working with children and young people in the area to decorate new bins with their artwork. The Love St Paul’s bins were installed from 12 April 2022 and run the length of City Road and the surrounding areas.

An ornage and red bin decorated with children's art work Newly painted blue bin with super hero in St Pauls

Creating the bins

The bins were designed in craft workshops held at youth groups in St Pauls, with the help of local artist Deborah Weinreb and Sylvia Vincent from Imayla and supported by our Community Engagement Team. Each workshop encouraged young people to talk about waste, litter and fly-tipping and how to improve the streets of St Pauls.

Using crayons, pens and splashes of paint, children excitedly busied themselves by drawing pictures of fictional superheroes, catchy slogans and designing funky clothes for cut-out figures using different materials. The children explored themes around the environment, chatted about the litter in St Pauls and considered why we should respect our neighborhoods. The children’s designs have been adapted to fit on 15 bins.

Young artists standing next to their designs on blue, pink and red bins

Community collaboration

The creative collaboration between the residents of St Pauls and local youth groups was designed to involve young people in making the area an enjoyable place to live. We hope this project adds to the vibrancy of the area and changes the way people think about their waste. If ‘Love St Pauls’ is a success, we hope to replicate it in different areas of Bristol to help improve neighbourhoods across the city.

Changing Your Mindset, the Full Circle Project at Docklands Community Centre and St Pauls Adventure Playground provided the space for the workshops and helped encourage the children to express themselves through art.

We hope the bin art will help enhance the St Pauls district and inspire discussions about litter.

Fly-tipping is dangerous, unsightly and an unnecessary blight on our beautiful city. The Love St Pauls project shows that by working together, we can collectively make a real difference in cleaning up the streets of Bristol. This project will help make sure St Pauls is a clean and safe space for everyone to enjoy. We are proud to be a part of something that has captured the creativity and vision of young people in the area to help tackle an issue that they say affects them

Councillor Kye Dudd, Cabinet Member Briefing for Climate, Ecology, Energy and Waste

The Love St Pauls project has engaged young people in the waste and recycling conversation. It has given them a voice to send a message to the St Pauls residents and the Bristol community to be more conscious about what they throw away and to look after the places in which they live

Sylvia Vincent, Youth and Community Worker for Imayla

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