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It's a sunny day with a bright blue sky. A group of people are posing for a photo outside the Reuse Shop at the Hartcliffe Way recycling centre, smiling and holding a fun variety of items in outstretched arms: a guitar, a rainbow umbrella, a pink jacket, scooters and a plant pot. They are here to promote the launch of the Waste Nothing Challenge.

Take the challenge and reduce your waste in just thirty days

An exciting new campaign brings together expert advice and easy life hacks into a daily email that can help anyone cut down on their waste.

More than 300 people have already signed up to take on the challenge, which covers everything from where to store fruit to how to reuse your bedsheets.

The 30-day email challenge is completely free! And, as well as guidance from waste and sustainability experts, those who sign up could also be in with a chance of winning some amazing waste-free prizes.

Bristol has some of the best recyclers in England

Two women from Children's Scrapstore are standing behind a table demonstrating how to turn a milk carton into a bird feeder.

Speaking at the launch event, Kathy Tate, Bristol Waste Sustainability and Innovation Coordinator, said; “It’s easy to assume that making eco-friendly choices automatically comes with a hefty price tag. But the Waste Nothing Challenge is here to debunk that myth. Our challenge doesn’t just focus on the environment, but on your wallet too, with our experts carefully creating challenges that save you money as well as reducing waste.”

Councillor Kye Dudd said: “No matter what announcements are made or what goals are moved at government level, we will not backtrack on our own ambitions. We are committed to helping Bristol waste nothing, building on our city’s record as the best recyclers in the English core cities – with just five recycling boxes! And if you feel the same, why not sign up to the 30-Day Waste Nothing Challenge?”

Making it easy to reduce your waste

A grid of 3 images showing sustainable stylist Becky Barnes, chef and author Shane Jordan, and a woman in Bristol using a refillable cup from City To Sea.

Data from Bristol Waste’s previous Waste Nothing challenges and city-wide behaviour change campaigns has shown that small, everyday changes are the best way to build habits that last. The Waste Nothing Challenge focuses on these simple activities, such as where to store food to make it last longer or how to change up your bathroom routine to cut the plastic.

With challenges written by charity City To Sea, sustainable stylist Becky Barnes and chef and author Shane Jordan, along with Bristol Waste’s behaviour change and sustainability experts, there’s something for everyone’s interests.

We asked subscribers what they think of the challenges so far

After trying out the first week of the new challenge, they said: “These short emails hit the mark.” “”Loved the bit sized tips, not overwhelming.” “Loving the daily challenges!”

Bristol is known for being a sustainable city, so we’re thrilled that even seasoned sustainability pros are finding something new to try: “”I have been doing several of these for many years but tackling two new ones.”

This challenge is perfect for you if you want to reduce your waste but don’t know where to start. All you have to do is sign up and take it one day at a time.

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