Eight years as England’s top ‘core city’ for recycling!

A boy in school uniform is putting an empty plastic bottle into a recycling bin near College Green

Brilliant Bristolians have done it again - eight years at the top

Bristol, give yourselves a round of applause!

According to statistics released by DEFRA, Bristol has kept the top spot for recycling rates amongst English core cities for eight years. Now that’s a bin-spirational achievement!

Our eight-year crown wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of Bristol’s householders, its green champions and ‘binfluencers’ – those passionate recyclers who always know what to put out, when and where.

Bristolians top the recycling charts

Amongst English core cities, Bristolians have proven once again to be the best at recycling.

Bristol beat Manchester, our closest competitor, by a whopping 6.3%! Here are the percentages of household waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting for England’s core cities:

  1. Bristol – 45.1%
  2. Manchester – 38.8
  3. Leeds – 34.9%
  4. Sheffield – 32%
  5. Newcastle – 25.6%
  6. Nottingham – 25.1%
  7. Birmingham – 22.9%
  8. Liverpool – 17.9%

Some of the ways Bristolians are best at recycling

In our 2023 impact report, we have lifted the bin lid on the city’s amazing recycling results.

  • 9 million recycling and refuse collections
  • 71,000 tonnes of recycling and garden waste collected
  • £5.2 million saved in disposal costs
  • 52,000 usable items saved from going to waste at three Reuse Shops
  • 4,000 bags of litter collected through community litter picks
  • 2,000 homes powered by biogas produced from food waste
  • 800 miles of streets cleaned
  • 9,000 fly-tips cleared
  • 25,000 miles of roads gritted – that’s more than the circumference of Earth!

We’re proud to say Bristol Waste Company also provided the best value for money waste recycling service amongst English cities and local authorities.

Bristolians are doing excellent work when it comes to the environment, but we can do better – especially if we want to stay ahead of those other core cities (Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield)!

Did you know that the average wheelie bin in Bristol has around 25% food waste? When properly recycled in the brown food caddy, food waste can be turned into biogas – powering more than 2,000 Bristol homes. There’s always something we can do to make our city cleaner and greener.

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