How to get rid of bulky waste in Bristol

Two Bristol Waste crew members in orange hi-viz carrying a sofa

How to dispose of bulky waste in Bristol

Bulky waste is anything that doesn’t fit into your waste and recycling bins. Usually, when people say bulky waste they mean old furniture and appliances that no longer work. You can book a collection for these items from Bristol City Council, a private waste contractor, or take it to a Reuse and Recycling Centre.

Bulky waste collections

A kerbside bulky waste collection for larger items such as mattresses, electrical items, fridges and freezers can be arranged through Bristol City Council for a small service fee. You must book this service first and then put the items out just before collection.

Bristol City council bulky waste collection charges:

Items which are not soft furnishings, such as fridges, bed frames and mattresses cost:

  • £ 25 for up to 3 items
  • £ 50 for 4 to 6 items

Soft furnishings, such as sofas, computer chairs, futons or armchairs, cost:

  • £ 25 for 1 item
  • £ 40 for 2 items
  • £ 50 for 3 items

You must make a separate booking for soft furnishings.

Book a bulky waste collection from Bristol City Council.

Reuse and Recycling Centres

You can also take bulky items to either of our Reuse and Recycling Centres where waste, recycling and larger bulky items can be disposed of for free.

There is a charge for DIY waste.

Our Reuse shop at the Avonmouth will also take working electrical items and usable furniture. Any furniture with fabric upholstery must have a fire label attached for us to be able to sell it.

Using a private waste removal company

Many of the firms and individuals advertising waste removal services are legitimate businesses, but there’s a few who may be operating illegally and could fly-tip your waste. If that happens, it’s you who may be fined.

To protect our public spaces and countryside (and to avoid getting fined for someone else fly-tipping your waste), you should always do these three things before paying someone to remove your household waste:

  1. Check they have a waste carrier license and ask to see it.
  2. Ask where they will take the waste they collect. They will need a permit to use waste and recycling centres.
  3. Get a receipt that includes a description of the waste they collected, their registered business address and their phone number.

Check waste carrier licenses on the government website.

Do you have usable furniture or appliances to dispose of?

If the item still functions, why not donate it to charity or our reuse shop? Some places offer a collection service. You can book a bulky waste collection from Bristol City Council and let them know the item still works and they will process it for reuse.

Charity organisations collect some large, fit-for-purpose items for free so they can be reused. Try contacting one of these organisations in Bristol:

Remember, leaving anything out on the street when you haven’t booked a collection is fly-tipping and you could be fined up to £50,000 or prosecuted.

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