Daps or plimsolls? Have your say with Bristol’s new ballot bins!

Yellow ballot bin on Bristol harbour

All hands on deck to tackle litter!

Two new bins have given Bristolians the chance to vote on hot topics using their litter.

From 30 March 2022 visitors to the harbourside have been able to pin their colours to the mast by picking which side of the bin to put their waste in. ‘Full English Breakfast or Roast Dinner?’ ‘Daps or Plimsolls?’ We want Bristol to have it’s say.

Yellow ballot bin with the question daps or plimsolls    Orange ballot bin with the question roast dinner or full English breakfast

The bins are part of a litter reduction campaign run by, Sustainable Hive and environmental charity Hubbub, who have combined forces to prevent litter from entering the city’s waterways. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea each year. And 80% of it makes its way to the sea through our rivers and waterways.

The ballot bins have dropped anchor close to the SS Great Britain and bobbed up at Broad Quay Fountains in the city centre to encourage people to bin their waste. The ‘catch’ is hauled in by our street cleansers and will help to reduce litter on our streets.

Tony Lawless, managing director of Bristol Waste, said:

“Keeping Bristol clean and green is at the heart of what we do, and the waterways are at the heart of our city. We hope visitors to the harbourside get onboard with this fantastic project, which makes disposing of your litter not just easy, but fun and engaging too.”

The director and co-founder of Hubbub, Gavin Ellis, said:

“Treasure Your River aims to help people make the connection between litter in our towns and cities and plastic in the oceans. We hope to create a legacy for each river taking part in the campaign, by building an army of regular volunteers, litter-clearing equipment and improved ‘binfrastructure’ in towns and cities across the six chosen rivers.”

Hubbub donated the ballot bins as part of the buccaneering campaign called Treasure Your River. Between May and October 2021, a total of 84 pirate-themed litter events took place around the UK to help remove litter from our waterways and rivers, which are home to water wildlife and the newly discovered South Bristol otters! This included plastic fishing trips in Bristol’s very own boat made from recycled plastic, the Seacycler.

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