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Community engagement toolkit

Our community toolkit is your one stop shop for community resources, helpful guides and handy FAQs to help you learn everything you could ever want to know about recycling in Bristol. Find links to our litter picking pages, guides for kerbside recycling and more. We are constantly improving the toolkit so if you have suggestions of what we could add, please just get in touch.

Litter picking

Borrow a litter picking kit (or 6) and help us keep our city ship shape and Bristol fashion.

Community engagement

Find out what our engagement team are getting up to or book a virtual talk.

Recycling in Bristol

Learn more about what goes where in Bristol’s kerbside recycling system.


Volunteer at our Reuse shop to help Bristol waste nothing.

Graffitti removal

Find out how to deal with graffiti in your area using the Bristol City Council guide.

Make a pledge

Make a Big Tidy pledge, it could be as simple as reporting flytipping or learning how to recycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download our guide to funding opportunities for your community project.

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Finding funding opportunities
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Community RePaint scheme, the SOFA project, collect usable paint from our reuse and recycling centres on a weekly basis to sell for a low cost in their shops.

Our Reuse shop in Avonmouth sells low-cost ReColour paint, which is made from leftover paint and remanufactured.

Vacating tenants should dispose of any waste properly, either in their kerbside waste recycling bins, by booking a bulky waste collection or taking items to a reuse and recycling centre.

Landlords must provide suitable facilities for the storage and disposal of refuse and recycling in accordance with Bristol Council’s waste and recycling collection requirements.

By reporting a street issue to Bristol City Council, the problem can be officially logged and added to the system for our street cleansing teams to take action. Your reports can make a big difference to the cleanliness of your local area. Let’s show Bristol that we love where we live by working together to keep the streets clean and tidy.

What can you report?

You can report specific street cleansing issues such as graffiti, fly-tipping, a dead animal, problems with hedges, leaves or grass and dog mess, or simply a street that needs cleaning. This includes streets which may be messy from litter and overflowing bins, leaves and weeds, broken glass, fuel and other chemicals and drug litter.

Report any street issues to Bristol City Council online at or call 0117 922 2100

You can report any rubbish that’s been dumped on the road, pavement or public land to Bristol City Council online or call 0117 922 2100

When reporting a fly-tip, please try to give as much detail as you can, including a description of the waste that has been abandoned and its location.

If there is any visible evidence with names or details on (for example, a letter or parcel) take a photo and submit it along with the report. This may help give us a clue about who is responsible for the fly-tip. Please do not pick up or touch the fly-tipping to look for evidence as this can be unsafe.

If you witnessed the fly-tip, please give us a description of the person or people responsible. If they were in a vehicle, note down the vehicle registration, make and model and what it looked like.

If you want to discuss fly-tipping on private land, call 0117 922 2100

Anyone who produces, stores, transports or disposes of waste has a legal responsibility to ensure that is done safely. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Waste (Household Waste) Duty of Care (England & Wales) Regulations 2005, households are required to:

  • Store waste safely and securely.
  • Prevent waste from polluting the environment or harming anyone.
  • Ensure that their waste is only removed from their property by a registered waste carrier.

Household waste refers to any waste produced within the home, not just your black bin bags but also any old furniture, appliances and any other items to be disposed of.

Businesses have a legal responsibility under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (plus other regs) to safely contain and dispose of any waste they produce, and to keep the area around their premises and bins clear and free of litter.

The Commercial Duty of Care applies to anyone who imports, produces, carries, keeps, treats, disposes of, or are a dealer or broker that has control of waste.

The Bristol City Council enforcement team make regular visits to businesses to inspect their waste management contracts to ensure premises have proper storage, adequate space for waste, and the correct amount of collections. The Council will serve a Section 47 Notice to any business found not to be legally dealing with their trade waste, and failure to comply can lead to prosecution and a fine of up to £1000.

The most environmentally friendly way to mark your boxes and bin with your house number is to use a permanent marker or paint. If you still want a sticker, you can email and our community engagement team will send a sticker to you within a few weeks.

If you know of someone who is fly-tipping and you have evidence, you can report it to Bristol City Council. You can also use the online forms to report other street issues such as litter, fly-posting and graffiti.

If you’re concerned a neighbour is unaware of how to correctly sort their recycling or dispose of bulky items you could have a polite conversation with them to let them know about the resources available on our website.

As a last resort, you can email to request a leaflet about waste and recycling in Bristol.