Recycling Centre queue cameras

Before visiting the recycling centres you can check to see if there is a queue to enter the site.


Avonmouth and St Philip's queue cameras

If you are planning an essential trip to either of our Reuse and Recycling Centres you can check how busy they are using our queue cameras.

The live feed of the queues for our recycling centres allows you to check congestion and likely queuing times at the recycling centre before departing on your journey to the sites.

Depending on your internet speed, the video feed may take a minute or two to load on this webpage. If you are using Internet Explorer the videos may not display correctly. Please try using a different browser or viewing the page from a mobile device.

Avonmouth Recycling Centre queue camera

Avonmouth queue cam

St Philip's queue camera

St Philips queue cam

Important recycling centre information

Our Recycling Centres are open. The current rules and number plate system remains in place for the foreseeable future.

Any visits must be in line with odd and even number plate system. This is to allow for social distancing and to help reduce queue times. These restrictions also apply to hire vehicles. Vans continue to require a permit.

These restrictions will remain in place while social distancing is required and we do not anticipate any changes this year.

Please note, it is illegal to bring business, trade or construction waste to the recycling centres.

Please ensure you are able to move items yourself or with someone from your household.

Number plate system in place at both sites

An odd and even number plate system remains in place, which means you will only be able to visit on certain days. You can find out more about the number plate system on this page.