The Great Bristol Spring Clean

Springing into action for 2024

Grab your sunglasses and raincoat, book your litter picking kit for the Great Bristol Spring Clean 2023 and join hundreds of others on this year’s city-wide clean up.

Last year, we helped over 600 superb litter pickers join forces across the city. Not only did they meet some splendid people, they felt actively connected to nature and the ‘finds’ were sometimes quite peculiar.

To help get you pumped for this year’s Spring Clean, we spoke to some litter picking pros to find out why they think litter picking is so blooming marvellous – come rain or shine!

Don't let litter hog the hedge – join the Great Bristol Spring Clean!

Last year, brilliant Bristolians held 165 litter picking events.

In total, 602 of you took part in a litter pick (15 more than last year!) spending 1,007 hours litter picking, an incredible 309.5 hours more than the previous Spring Clean.

Don’t miss this year’s Spring Clean, as we have a limited supply of litter picking kits.

Results from the Great Bristol Spring Clean 2023


People took part


Total hours litter picking


Bags of litter collected

How to get involved in litter picking

Don’t miss out on this year’s city wide litter pick. The ways to get involved in the Great Bristol Spring Clean 2024 are endless. Help beat last year’s record by organising your own litter pick or perhaps join one of the twenty litter picking groups across Bristol.

If you are a business that would love a sunny team building day this spring, join other local businesses and make the Big Tidy Business pledge.

A dog holding a litter picker in its mouth

Join the Great Bristol Spring Clean with your best furry friend

Pack for some picking when gearing up for an amble with your pup.

  • pick the best ball for a game of fetch
  • poo bags to pick up the inevitable toilet break
  • litter-picker to help keep your favourite dog walking spot looking its best.

Share your pup pick photos with us to show off your litter picking haul on social media.

Share your pup-pic!
Description of the gear you will need for a safe litter pick

Get your kit together

Hi-vis – be bold on your litter pick, make sure people can see you.

Litter picker – use a stick to save your back. Litter can also be sharp, so a stick is essential in protecting your hands.

Bristol Waste litter bag – we will pick up your collected litter, but we need to spot it first.

Bag hoop – not an essential item, but helps you get the litter in the bag.

Comfy shoes – trust us, litter picking keeps you fit!

Book your litter picking kit now
Naomi and Hannah walking down a park path with litter bags

Take the Big Tidy Business pledge

Are you a business in Bristol that wants to make a positive impact on the local community?

Take the Big Tidy pledge for the Great Bristol Spring Clean! Not only will your team get a whole lot of fresh air, you’ll get to know colleagues better and enjoy a warm fuzzy feeling by supporting the local community.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to suit up (dress code: hi-vis) and show up to the Great Bristol Spring Clean 2024!

Contact the Big Tidy team to get involved.

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The Great Bristol Spring Clean is part of Mayor Marvin Rees’ Bristol Clean Streets campaign and Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean.

Bristol's litter picking champions

Across the city, Bristolians have been having fun, meeting new friends and making a difference through community litter picks.