Collection improvements

We are making improvements to waste and recycling collections in Bristol and your collection day could be affected. Check online to see if your bin day has changed.

Bristol’s got its sparkle back!

When Bristol Waste and Bristol City Council’s Big Tidy project was launched by Mayor Marvin Rees in 2019, the idea of cleaning every ward in Bristol seemed a far-off goal.

But with our crew’s hard work, all 34 wards have now received the Big Tidy sparkle!

With over 1,800 streets cleaned, 500+ fly-tips removed, and a staggering 11,000 graffiti tags sprayed away, areas all over the city are ship shape and Bristol fashion.

The team has taken on community projects in Newtown, where we worked with Parks to remove overgrown vegetation and create flower beds for residents to enjoy, and Hartcliffe, where we opened up three footpaths to the Dundry green space.

The Big Tidy has also held some of Bristol’s biggest litter picks ever, like our huge National Citizen Service litter pick where 100 young people helped clean up Lawrence Hill. We even got the Bristol Bears involved!

Our team can’t do it all though. We need residents like you to help us! Maybe there’s a neighbour who forgets to take their recycling boxes in after collection day, or a wall that’s always getting tagged, or a group of youngsters looking to clean up their favourite green space.

With a friendly chat, a community organised mural or a litter pick, you can do your bit to keep Bristol sparkly clean. Get inspired by our video that shows just how much work the Big Tidy has done in the past four years.

The Big Tidy team are here to support you. Get in contact at: or find out how you can get involved below.

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