Students on the move

Take the stress out of moving day and start summer smiling.


Sort Out For Summer!

Don't risk losing your deposit, start sorting out for summer now!

Exams are nearly over and summer is beckoning, but first you need to decamp from your student house and get that deposit cash back into your pocket. Find everything you need to know about sorting out your move out waste and recycling.

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Sell it

If it ain’t broke, don’t chuck it. Turn your preloved stuff into cash and fund your summer fun by advertising it on a selling site. We like: Depop, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Gumtree, Vinted.

Recycle it

If it’s not fit to resell, do your bit to keep Bristol clean by sorting and recycling your unwanted stuff. Here’s how:

How to sort your recycling

Donate it

Got a good-quality, preloved but unwanted item but don’t have time to sell it? Easy: donate it instead. Try…

  • Bristol Big Give – donation bins can be found across the city and on the UWE and UoB campuses
  • Local charity shops – a quick google search will point you in the right direction
  • Bristol Waste Reuse Shops –  find them out our recycling centres
  • Freecycle – visit to get started
Find a charity shop

Bin it

If you can’t sell it, recycle it or donate it, do the right thing and put it in the bin! Use your household wheelie bin, hire an 1100l bin with your student discount, or keep your eyes peeled for our dedicated Sort Out For Summer bins dotted around Bristol’s streets in June and July. All the Students On The Move bins will be sorted for recyclable materials at our Avonmouth depot.

Hire a really big bin

Hire a really big bin for £45

Use your student card to get a great discount on an 1100L bin hire. As long as there's a flat space outside your student house (not on the pavement or road) you can hire a bin for all your move out waste and recycling. Our crew will collect the bin and sort out the recycling for you!

This bit is important: don't risk your deposit!

Waste left on the street, even if it’s next to a full bin, is fly-tipping and may lead to a hefty fine. Every year fines are handed out around student move-out time and failure to pay can lead to prosecution. If the bin is full, wait until it’s empty before adding your rubbish.

Bristol Waste, Bristol City Council and the universities are working together to support students on the move with additional crews and waste disposal sites, easier access to the recycling centres, discounts on bin hires and information on how to dispose of waste properly.


Your university expects you to be a considerate member of the community and they say that “non-compliance with council waste and recycling collection procedures” (rubbish goes in the bin, not next to it) can lead to disciplinary action being taken. And that might put a downer on your summer plans. Turns out summer starts when you put the bins out.

Your landlord needs to ensure your house is structurally sound, is safe and in good repair, and that there is gas, hot water and electricity. Your landlord is not responsible for that set of shelves you no longer need. Follow our advice above and get set for a stress-free moving day. Don’t risk your deposit by leaving rubbish in your garden or on the street!

Make sure the house is totally empty when you leave

“My top tip for moving out would probably be making sure that the house is totally empty at the end, so that landlords don’t have the responsibility of moving things out, and ensuring that everything is recycled properly and the bins aren’t too full.

We didn’t do this properly in first year and ended up getting some of our deposit deducted, but we’ve made a huge effort since and have had no further problems, so it’s definitely something worth thinking about!” – Sanjeet, studying Engineering

Sort out your moving stuff as early as possible

“After 4 years of Uni, I’ve definitely learnt that sorting out moving my stuff as early as possible makes life a lot easier, and I’ve been using the Bristol Big Give donation points for the last couple of years. It’s been a no-brainer- donating stuff I don’t need to charity makes life easier for me, and is great for charity and the environment.” – Liam, studying MA Philosophy

Donate or swap clothes you no longer wear

“Every term I try and have a bit of a clear out of my wardrobe. If I haven’t worn anything for over a year, or if I’ve bought a replacement item, I will donate my old clothes to a charity shop, or check if my friends have anything they’d like to swap. This means I can continue my charity shopping habit guilt-free, and I don’t have a huge pile of unwanted clothes to move home!” – Anna, studying History

Sort out the recycling in the kitchen

“This year I’ve really tried to encourage my flatmates to sort our recycling properly! We bought different coloured bins for our kitchen, making it super easy to chuck things into the right bin without having to sort it all out later. We also have a poster of what goes in each bin above, meaning no one has an excuse to recycle badly! Working together as a flat to do something positive has been great- would definitely recommend!” – Marco, studying Chemistry

Reuse and recycling centre locations

Find your nearest reuse and recycling centre in Bristol. Remember to bring your student ID to get in without booking!


St Philips Reuse and Recycling Centre

Folly Lane, off Days Road
St Philips

0117 304 9580

Get directions >

Avonmouth Reuse and Recycling Centre

Kings Weston Lane
BS11 0YS

0117 304 9580

Get directions >

Hartcliffe Way Reuse and Recycling Centre

83 Hartcliffe Way

Get directions >

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