Recycling Centres FAQ

The Reuse and Recycling Centres operated by Bristol Waste Company can only be used by residents living within the Bristol City Council area to dispose of their waste. Bordering councils have their own facilities, which their residents should be using.

Proof of address will be checked before you can enter the site and should be shown to staff through a closed window. You will need photo ID and a recent bill or student ID. Any vehicle that arrives on site and does not have proof of address will be turned away. To keep queuing to a minimum, please help us by having your proof of address documents ready.

The new Hartcliffe Way Reuse and Recycling Centre will have a footpath and is the only site you can visit on foot.

You cannot arrive at the Avonmouth or St Philip’s recycling centres on foot. This is primarily for your safety; we want all visits to be in a safe environment and the original recycling centres were designed for vehicle access and not pedestrian access. Large lorries and other vehicles are active on site and unfortunately it is not possible to provide safe access routes or pavements for pedestrians.

You can ride a bike into Bristol’s recycling centres. You will need to bring ID and proof of your Bristol address. If there is a queue, you should join behind the other vehicles.

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