Coffee cup recycling

In the UK, we use almost 3 billion paper cups per year – enough to stretch around the world 5 and a half times. However, it is the negative way in which we collectively dispose of paper cups that create the negative stigma of their single use state… queue #TheCupFund. This project created by Hubbub and Starbucks aims to minimise the amount of coffee cups going to waste by recycling them. Towards the end of 2019, they awarded us at Bristol Waste Company the opportunity to get involved.

A Bristol Waste coffee cup bin in front of Bristol Cathedral

How does it work?

Bristol businesses can get involved by allowing us to supply them with a collection service for their used coffee cups. However, we have also placed bins around the City for the public to use at their leisure. We hope that they will choose our bins instead of your average disposal bin, in order to save cups from unnecessary, wrongful disposal.

The recycling process

  1. We will supply your business with a clean container to house the cups
  2. Fill your container with used single use coffee cups only
  3. Once filled, we will collect your container and replace it with a clean one
  4. Your coffee cups will then be baled at our Transfer Station in Avonmouth. This ensures that any additional waste is removed
  5. The baled material is then sent to James Cropper where the recycling process starts
  6. On recycling, the plastic is stripped from the fibre, the plastic is reprocessed and the fibre is reused during the Papermaking and Colourform process to create new products. These include stationary, packaging and more coffee cups! All products are fully recyclable and in some cases, reusable.

How to order

Click here to fill out the correct form and we’ll be in touch to arrange your collection. Frequency will depend on how many coffee cups you collect on site. However, it can be altered at any time and we can advise where needed.


Ready to schedule a collection?

To arrange this coffee cup collection service for your business, please email us directly at: or call us on: 0800 061 4321.