Waste Nothing Schools

We're here to support Bristol schools in reducing waste and improving recycling!


Waste Nothing Schools

Are you a Bristol school? From March 2021 we are running a trial of our Waste Nothing Schools Challenge with nine Bristol schools. The challenge covers a range of exciting educational resources and challenges. The challenge gets pupils, teachers and parents involved in wasting less and recycling more. Stay tuned for exciting updates.

If your school missed out on the trial, you can register your interest in taking part when this is rolled out city-wide. Simply email providing your school name, contact details and name and we’ll be in touch closer to the time.

You can contact us directly for more information about the challenge, if you have a school recycling conundrum or if would just like an online talk for your students.

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Waste Nothing School Challenge

We’re challenging pupils at nine Bristol schools with five fun tasks which they have two weeks to complete – prizes are up for grabs! Once the trial of the schools’ challenge is complete, the programme will be made available for all schools to purchase and run independently.

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Waste Nothing School-kit

Want to know what to do with empty glue sticks? Fed up with excessive food waste? Want to run a waste-free lunch box challenge? Fear not, we are here to help. Our School kit is designed for any educational setting, who want to implement greener changes within the school. Inside the kit, you’ll find activity ideas, valuable resources and tips for recycling and waste reduction for teachers, caretakers or PTA.