Rock down to the Electric Avenue pop-up shop!

Bristol rehomes hundreds of pre-loved electricals

Bristol shocked by ‘first of its kind’ e-waste campaign from Hubbub, Ecosurety and Bristol Waste. An exc appeared in The Galleries shopping centre for 10 days in late November and early December 2021.

The innovative store got the city buzzing with a new way to rehome electrical items they no longer needed and reduce electronic waste. Residents were invited to rock down to the Electric Avenue shop to donate an item they no longer needed or walk away with one they did need, for free.


The UK produces more electronic waste than almost any country in the world, with around 40 million gadgets hidden away in draws and cupboards or simply discarded.

About 1.9 million households are ‘digitally disconnected‘ in the UK and would benefit by accessing these unwanted electrical items.

The campaign was a big success, with almost 1,000 people visiting the shop during the 10-days it was open, sparking conversations in the media and on the street about electrical waste.

  • 985 people visited the shop
  • 332 items rehomed
  • 46 items donated in-store

Electric Avenue was the first project of its kind to give away pre-loved and working electrical items for free. In homes across Bristol, long-forgotten items hidden away in drawers and cupboards were dusted down and donated on the doorstep or in-store where they were PAT tested before being given away for free.

A special collection service, funded by Ecosurety as part of the Electric Avenue campaign, collected working electricals that had been put out for donation on bin day. Large labels were placed on each item so Ben, pilot of the electric-powered milk float, could easily spot, collect and test each item. Shoppers could also bring their old electricals to the Avonmouth Reuse Shop or directly to the Electric Avenue pop-up.

Each item was PAT tested and given the all-clear, ready to be reused. Slow cookers, blenders, rice cookers, radios, lamps and DVD players were all donated along the streets of Bristol. We collected 120 items, of which 116 were suitable for the shop. The Avonmouth Reuse Shop also donated more than 200 preloved electrical products.

The Electric Avenue pop-up shop opened on Black Friday for 10 days, attracting lots of publicity including a feature on BBC news, and received glowing reports from the community:

“I was literally going to Argos to buy a new iron when I came across this shop.”

“It would be great to have more opportunities like this for electricals and furniture.”

Of those polled, 89% said they learnt about recycling electrical items and 98% agreed that more people should consider buying second-hand electrical items.

100% of store visitors said they would like the Electric Avenue store to return in the future!

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