Our partners

Could your business or organisation be a part of our Bristol #WasteNothing Challenge?

Whether it be with your skills, your products, your advice or your time, we are looking to collaborate with community groups and organisations with unique skillsets, knowledge and experience to help guide our participants through their challenge.

Our current partners

Baby Bank Network

Baby Bank Network was set up in Bristol in June 2015 to help alleviate the symptoms of child poverty and support families at a what may be a time of financial and emotional stress, whilst reducing waste and promoting reuse of items.

We collect baby clothes, toiletries, equipment, cots, prams and toys that are pre-loved, and pass them on to families in need. We receive referrals from health visitors, children’s centres and other local professionals who work with vulnerable families. Our service is provided for free. All donations go directly to the families that we support.


Black2Nature was set up by Mya-Rose Craig AKA Birdgirl when she was just 13 years old, to run nature camps for inner-city children and teenagers, Camp Avalon and Camp Chew as well Race Equality in Nature conferences, workshops and campaigning to make nature ethnically diverse. Now 17, she worked hard to make the 2019 camps zero waste, for instance, by collecting together second-hand cutlery and crockery and working with the children on this aspect of the project.


Bloom & Nora

Purveyors of fine period wear. Ethically made in our UK factory to Oeko-Tex standards, our beautiful range of quality, environmentally friendly, award winning reusable sanitary pads will give you the opportunity to have a cycle in comfort and style whilst helping you reduce your consumption of single use plastic items.

Bristol Cloth Nappy Library

Bristol Cloth Nappy Library runs free information classes to give you all the help and info you need to switch to modern washable nappies, along with low-cost loans of trial kits to test them out first and find the right solution for you. Can also help with switching to reusable sanitary and incontinence protection, plus other zero waste options such as straws and supplying locally produced, certified food safe, sandwich and food wraps. Serving Bristol county and the South Glos residents of the Greater Bristol area Filton, Patchway, Bradley Stoke, Kingwood etc. Start with a class and go from there! No obligation to hire.
Visit the Bristol Cloth Nappy Library Facebook page


Bristol Reuse Campaign

The Bristol ReUse Campaign, previously know as Bristol ReUse Network, is a not for profit organisation which aims to inspire resourcefulness through waste reduction, re-use, repair, upcycling, use of surplus and intelligent system design as we aspire to become a circular economy city.


Bristol Water

One service all Bristol Waste domestic customer’s have in common is their water supply. Whether it is from the picturesque Mendip Lakes or our canal source in Gloucestershire, Bristol Water is the supplier. Everyday we collect, treat and pump around 280 million litres of water to the homes we supply.

And, not only does saving water help the environment and leave more available to cater for Bristol’s growing population without the need to build new reservoirs, for customer on a meter it can also save money. And, not just from water bills. It estimated that around 25% of a home’s energy bill is linked to heating water: showers, baths, boiling a kettle etc. So, often small changes to habits, can put a dent in these bills whilst lowering the amount of overall power generation needed.

Indeed, it is because we know how little changes can have a big impact and that this is as true for water as it is for energy, waste and other household utilities, we are very happy to support the #wastenothing project.



Bristol Wax

Upon discovering beeswax wraps, owner Susannah Trevelyan was delighted by the solution they provided to the endless use of dull, environmentally damaging plastic packaging.
She is keen on using organic ingredients and supporting projects such as Bee The Change Project, a Bristol Natural beekeeping project, that mentors natural beekeeping in local schools and community spaces, and also Bees for Development, a Charity that works internationally to encourage bee keeping as a means to alleviate poverty.


Children’s Scrapstore

Children’s Scrapstore Bristol are a small charity dedicated to helping improve play and creative opportunities for children, young people and adults. Our organisation has several strands:
Play Services – resources, services and consultancy for schools and early years settings to support the development of play, including the pioneering Scrapstore PlayPod scheme.
Events – play and creative sessions for children, families and adults in our Scrapstores and in the community.
Scrapstore Warehouse – stocked with scrap materials fantastic for creative play opportunities at low costs, open to members.
ArtShop – arts and crafts materials for the public, with profits channelled back into the charity.



City to Sea

We’re a not-for-profit environmental organisation campaigning to stop plastic pollution – from city to sea. We are made up of everyday people doing extraordinary things; using our skills (and sometimes discovering new ones) to create a more beautiful world. Our mission is to connect our actions to the oceans, by giving people and businesses from all backgrounds simple ways to make a significant difference.
We exist to awaken active hope, champion practical solutions and inspire positive action that serves to protect and restore wildlife, rivers and seas.



Emmaus Bristol supports people out of homelessness through the provision of accommodation, food, a community to belong to, one-to-one support and work experience in one of our social enterprises. Work experience is a vital part of the Emmaus Bristol community and can be a vital stepping stone towards independent living and paid employment. Our social enterprises are focused on the reuse of donated goods with a house clearance enterprise, three charity shops selling pre-loved goods and a collections and deliveries service.



Vegetarian and plant based health food shop, with a deli full of locally made delights! Zero waste, vegan, non GMO. Our Instagram: @harvestbristol


Incredible Edible Bristol

Incredible Edible Bristol supports communities to grow beautiful and productive gardens in lost and unloved spaces across the city of Bristol. By sharing skills and creating gardens filled with food available to all we are bringing together a community of food growers and gardeners across the city and creating resources for all.



Littlelamb Nappies

Littlelamb Nappies, making great value, superb quality washable nappies for 20 years. We are one of the only washable nappy companies to offer a money back guarantee whilst still keeping washables affordable for everyone.




Lush is an entirely vegetarian cosmetics company, with a strong stance on both caring for yourself with beautiful, bespoke products, whilst also caring for the planet by reducing packaging and waste. We provide effective packaging-free alternatives within all our ranges, and your naked product options are only increasing.

We believe in making effective products from fresh, organic* fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. We invent our own products and fragrances. We make them fresh by hand using little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients, and tell you when they were made. We believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not commission tests on animals and in testing our products on humans. We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud. We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, filling the world with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again.
We also believe words like fresh and organic have honest meaning beyond marketing.


Original Organics

Original Organics has received worldwide recognition with regards to its patented wormeries and is often featured in the media as an environmentally friendly company. As a leading manufacturer & distributor of gardening, recycling & water conservation equipment, we offer many quality products including our world famous Original, Midi and Junior Wormeries as well as our newer multi-tray Tiger Wormery and our Rotol and Garden King Compost Convertors.



Preserve is a zero waste shop on Gloucester Road. Selling a wide range of products to help people live waste free. We sell unpackaged foods where you can bring your own containers and buy as little of as much as you like. We also stock refillable cleaning products and plastic free toiletries and household items. The majority of our products are vegan and organic and we have many local suppliers. So far in the 9 months we have been open 85000 pieces of single use plastic have been saved from going into waste.



Priormade Ltd is a Bristol rooted company that specialises in responsible design and fabrication; focusing on using sustainable and low impact materials as much as possible. There are three main strands to our independent business: product design, prop and sign fabrication, and community art projects/ creative workshops. We are based in Old Market and also manage PRIOR, a new retail/ lifestyle store that sells handmade homewares and accessories by local designers. All of the work in the shop will be sustainably and responsibly made without compromising high quality, made to last products.


The Makershed

The Makershed is a creative space for doing, making and learning new skills. Whatever your level of experience you’re assured a friendly welcome within a supportive learning and making environment. Come and take part in workshops and courses in woodworking, upholstery, upcycling or DIY. We welcome complete beginners and more seasoned makers alike.


The ReUsery

The ReUsery promotes sustainable development through Reduce/ReUse/Repair/Upcycle/Recycle initiatives including workshops, talks, visits, clubs and events.




At Scoopaway, we specialise in Natural Wholesome Foods and Remedies for the whole family. Including natural Food Supplements and natural Body Care from head to toe. Organic and Fairtrade Teas and Coffee, Herbs and Spices and Chilled and Frozen Convenience foods. We also cater for speciality diets such as Vegetarian, Vegan and Coeliac.
We strive to minimise our packaging and food waste by making our best selling lines available loose, enabling the customer to scoop as much or as little as they need.



Simply Sustainable

Hello, my name is Emilie, and I write the blog, Sustainable Living! I’ve started this blog to show people how easy and affordable it is to live more sustainably. I have worked in the Waste Sector since I graduated from university with my Environmental Science degree in 2012. I also won the CIWM award for my 1st class dissertation on a ‘zero waste challenge’ for students.
Sustainable living is a way of life for me. I love trying new things and am always seeing what else I can do to reduce the impact I have on the environment. I share with the things I do to live more sustainably on a day to day basis, as well as testing and try new ideas on what else we can do to reduce our impact on the planet. It can seem pretty intimidating to live sustainably and seem like you have to do all or nothing. But my blog shows it only takes a few simple changes to have a big effect on the environmental impact you create.


Smaller Footprints

Smaller Footprints is a contribution to the growing rebellion against single-use packaging. Our products include rices, pastas, beans, cereals, nuts (and grind-your-own nut butter!), chocolate, herbs & spices, loose teas, coffee beans, honey, cooking oils, flours, sugar, cleaning products and a range of environmentally conscious non-food items.

By storing items in bulk Smaller Footprints enables the bypassing of the conventional, wasteful practice where foods are covered in single-use packaging. Bring bags, jars or lunch boxes and you’ll avoid unnecessary trips to the bin or recycling whilst helping to protect the environment.



SOFA Project

SOFA Project is a Reuse & Recycling Charity & Social Enterprise, operating in Bristol since 1980. Reducing waste is at the heart of our social objectives – we want to see people buy Used items wherever possible. We have two retail stores, one on Old Market & one on the fabulous Gloucester Road, selling a variety of household furniture, office items, white goods, clothing & paint. We welcome Bristol Waste’s bold initiative & wish the participants every success.



Southville Deli

We have a wide range of self-service loose goods, detergents & body care at both of our stores, allowing customers to refill using their own containers. Goods usually cost 10-15% less than their pre-packaged version.
If you forget your container – Don’t worry, paper bags are supplied!
Find us at 259-261 Church Road Redfield (between Tesco & Aldi) And 260-262 North St, Bedminster, Close to The Tobacco Factory & Aldi. Open Weekdays til 6:30pm, Saturday til 6pm, Sunday til 5pm.


Too Good To Go

Here in the UK, Too Good To Go started in June 2016 and so far we have; an incredible community of over 1,072,185 Waste Warriors, more than 1,861 partner stores across the country, and together we’ve saved over 766,921 meals – that’s over 1,946,799 Kg of CO2!
We still have a long way to go to create the impact we want and our planet needs. We’re out to create a change in culture, a movement against food waste. Our vision is a world with no waste, and we won’t stop until we achieve it!



Turtle Bags

Way back in 2001 when plastic bags were still spilling off the end of our supermarket tills, Turtle Bags was established to raise awareness of the hazards of plastic bags and sell alternatives.
Plastic in our seas is a problem which is invisible to most of us in our daily lives but will be causing problems for many decades disrupting food chains and suffocating sealife.
We work with our fair trade partners who share our environmental values to supply environmentally friendly bags.


Twin Wave CIC

“Sound more together” with interactive music or sound workshops. Twin Wave CIC support healthy and creative lives in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset. Our Junk Music Workshops are accessible and fun and make communities play and stay together. We also provide: Creative ideas for education curriculums or outreach projects. Skills develoment to reward staff and increase social responsibility. Activities to support health and wellbeing of communities. Interactive activities for your event.


Vegan Food Wraps

The Vegan Food Wrap Company is a part of The Beeswax Wrap Company. The Vegan side of the business came about because of customers who wanted a Vegan alternative to Beeswax Wraps. Fran & Carly started The Beeswax Wrap Company in 2017, and they quickly became aware of key customers who were being left behind in their bid to support people on their plastic free journey. After a great deal of research and development the Vegan Food Wrap Company was born!



Bamford’s Waterblade

A young environment aware company selling its revolutionary Waterblade, making a small amount of water more useful. Saving you on water and energy bills.



Wisteria Workshop Upholstery

We offer a commission service for upholstery, cushion and lampshade making. We recycle furniture to sell in various places and this year we are building up upholstery classes taking place in the founder’s home workshop. We try to use vintage fabric and reuse as much as possible!




We started work on this business over 25 years ago in the mid 1980s when the word wormery (as it pertains to composting) hadn’t even been coined. Having read the works of some dedicated pioneers of organic gardening including Jack Temple and his publications through the HDRA (now the National Centre for Organic Gardening), we saw an exciting opportunity to make worm composting easy and available to all gardeners and householders. In truth all we have done is examined nature, learned from earlier experts and devised simple and efficient methods and systems for the lowly worm to be harnessed to help us deal with the apparently mundane but in reality vital issue of dealing with the food waste of the 9 billion of us on this little planet.



Zero Green
Bristol’s First Zero Waste shop. We offer everyday food and personal hygeine products in bulk, we also sell cleaning products and alternatives to single use plastic including Coffee cups, sanitary products, razors.

We encourage our customers to bring in thier own containers to reuse which they weigh, fill and weigh again. As we approach 1 year of being open, we see 2019 as a great opportunity to help families and organisations go zero waste’.