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Looking for information about how waste and recycling works in Bristol? You’ve come to the right place.

In Bristol, we have a kerbside recycling system where residents sort recyclable materials into designated bins, bags and boxes before putting them out for collection. This helps our crews complete their rounds faster and more efficiently, and means we gather great quality recycling.

General waste is collected fortnightly and recycling is collected weekly. Download your collection calendar to find out which day to put out your bins, boxes and blue bag for cardboard.

Watch our quick kerbside recycling guide

No need to flap, let’s get this sorted! Check out this cute animation featuring Bristol comedian Jayde Adams explaining what goes where in your recycling boxes.

Recycling; lets get it sorted!

Find out what goes where in Bristol’s kerbside recycling system. We explain how to use the containers and what happens to the recycling once it has been collected.

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Moving in or moving on?

Whether you’ve just moved to Bristol or you’re moving out, you’ll need to know how to sort your waste and recycling, including bulky items such as sofas, mattresses or fridges.

FAQ for new residents
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Managing property in Bristol?

Are your tenants doing the right thing with their waste and recycling? We’re here to help you manage the waste of your rental property.

FAQ for landlords
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Student move out

Are you a student moving out of your accommodation? Do you want to know what to do with your waste and recycling? Find out more on our dedicated student page, discover what goes where, how to donate items and, if needed, how to book a large bin for your rubbish.

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Disposing of bulky waste

Do you have usable furniture to dispose of? You can either donate it or book a bulky waste collection. Leaving items out on the kerbside or street can be considered illegal fly-tipping and you could be prosecuted.

Bulky waste collections

A kerbside bulky waste collection for larger items such as mattresses, electrical items, fridges and freezers can be arranged through Bristol City Council for a small service fee. You must book this service first and then put the items out just before collection.

Reuse and Recycling Centres

You can also take bulky items to either of our Reuse and Recycling Centres where waste, recycling and larger bulky items can be disposed of for free.

Our Reuse shop at the Avonmouth will also take working electrical items and usable furniture. Any furniture with fabric upholstery must have a fire label attached for us to be able to sell it. Find out more about the Reuse shop on our website:

Donate to a charity shop

Charity organisations collect some large, fit-for-purpose items for free so they can be reused. Try contacting one of these organisations in Bristol:

Please be advised that leaving items out on the kerbside or street can be considered illegal fly-tipping and you could be prosecuted.

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Community engagement

Our community engagement team are here to answer your questions and educate the city about waste and recycling.