Bristol Owned

Bristol Waste Company, on behalf of the City Council, is your local recycling, waste collection and street cleansing company.


We also run the two household waste recycling centres in the city and a commercial waste service offering local businesses tailored, cost effective recycling and waste solutions.

Bristol Waste is a Teckal company, wholly owned by Bristol City Council. Any surplus we generate is ploughed straight back in to the city, benefiting the residents who live, work and study here. This set-up, which ensures that we have no interest in making a profit for non-Bristol shareholders, allows us to revisit the way waste services in Bristol operate; giving us the opportunity to meet the city’s ambitious environmental, social and economic objectives.

Our ethos and values are squarely aligned with the Council’s, and we strive to reduce the city’s consumption of valuable resources, minimise waste production and encourage repair, reuse and recycling. By working together, we believe we can make sure Bristol waste’s nothing and achieves its ambitions of being a zero waste city.

Our vision

The City Council has a vision for Bristol where resource use is minimised, waste production is minimal, and that repair and reuse is maximised. This culminates to a city where there is a clean, green, safe and sustainable street scene for residents and for visitors to Bristol. Bristol Waste is committed to working in partnership with the people of Bristol to help all communities recycle more, throw away less and waste nothing.

Bristol City Council has set several challenging targets with regards to waste. Together, we aim to:
Produce the lowest amount of residual household waste per person of any UK Core City and aims for a target of below 150kg per person by 2025;
Send less than 5% of waste to landfill by 2030;
Recycle and prepare for re-use 50% by 2020 and 70% by 2025;
Reduce the amount of food waste going into residual waste (black bin) from almost 40% to 10% by 2025.


Working together

Bristol Waste is in a unique position of having both a good understanding and working knowledge of the Council and its strategic ambitions alongside strong commercial expertise, which will help deliver the outcomes as identified in the Waste and Resource Management Strategy.

The strength of an integrated waste management approach is that all related services are under a single management structure, which makes it easier for the public, and other partners and customers, to understand who is responsible for the various elements of the service. Messages about the service will be clearer and more obvious to the public and will enable the company to engage and communicate more effectively.

We work directly with our colleagues at Bristol City Council to collaborate on campaigns and initiatives under the Mayor’s Bristol Clean Streets initiative, as well as members of the Neighbourhood Enforcement team to identify waste offenders and encourage prompt action against them.


Building a cleaner, greener Bristol – for everyone

Bristol residents can be proud that their waste contractor and City Council have a strong relationship and are working hard to achieve the council’s ambitious targets for the city’s waste.

Together, our aim is for Bristol to be a clean and tidy city which is happier and healthier for all those who live, work and study here.