1100L Residential bins

Hire a large commercial sized bin for your home for only £55!


1100L Residential bins

Bristol Waste offers extra large waste bins for residents at a low-cost, perfect for household clearances and home improvement projects.

Order now and a 1100-litre bin will be delivered to a level surface at your property for you to fill with lightweight and non-hazardous waste. You can trust that we will then collect, sort and recycle your items safely and correctly.

Our 1100-litre bin service is more environmentally friendly than the average skip hire because we use a 7.5-tonne vehicle for deliveries and collections, rather than the 18-tonne or 26-tonne vehicles required to transport a skip. After collection, we’ll separate out any recyclable items for reprocessing.


A Bristol Waste 1100L bin next to a pile of bulky waste and a dog

Hire an 1100L bin for just £55

The £55 cost includes bin rental for a maximum of 5 days, as well as transportation and collection. So, you won’t be surprised with any hidden or additional fees. Simply send an email to commercial@bristolwastecompany.co.uk and start the booking process now.

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Use your student ID to get a discount!

Use your student card to hire an 1100l bin for all your move out waste and recycling for just £45! Our crew will collect the bin and sort out the waste from the recycling for you. Tell the team you’re a student when you book and show them your ID to secure the discount.

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Prior to ordering your 1100L bin, please read the following information

On delivery:

Please do:

  • Store the 1100L bin on your private property on a level surface. This does not include a pavement, highway or grass.
  • Wear gloves and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water, as advised by Public Health England, before and after using the bin.
  • Ensure the wheels remain locked when stationary and unattended.
  • Refer to our general Terms and Conditions below.

Please don’t:

  • Overfill the bin – the lid must close on collection.
  • Fill it with overly heavy material. We need to be able to move the bin safely and efficiently on collection.

What can and can't be put in your 1100L bin:


  • Small electrical appliances, mobile phones and computers (not monitors)
  • Food tins, drinks cans, foil, cartons and plastics (bottles, packaging and rigid plastics)
  • Cardboard, paper, newspaper and magazines
  • CDs, DVDs, audio cassettes, videotapes and books
  • Clothes, textiles, shoes and glasses (spectacles)
  • Glass bottles, small gas bottles and small car parts (drained of any fluids)
  • Garden waste and household black bag waste (excess)
  • Small items of scrap metal, wood timber and furniture
  • Small pieces of plasterboard
  • Bicycle parts and small bicycles

Not Acceptable:

  • Rubble and construction waste
  • Batteries
  • Hazardous aerosols or chemicals (household or garden)
  • Engine or cooking oil
  • Fridges or freezers
  • Computer monitors or TV’s
  • Printer cartridges
  • Tyres or mattresses
  • Low energy light bulbs
  • Paint tin (full)
  • Asbestos

Car batteries may be placed by the side of the bin for collection.


Get in touch

To book your own 1100L Residential Bin or to get more information, please email us at commercial@bristolwastecompany.co.uk or call us on 0800 061 4321.