Business Safety

Reopening your workplace? Safety comes first, and Bristol Waste are here to help.

Providing your staff and customers with a safe and healthy workspace has always been important, now it’s more crucial than ever to get it right so your employees can return to work with confidence.

The Bristol Waste Business team have highlighted five key actions that Bristol businesses may want to consider alongside the government guidelines so employees can be safely welcomed back to the workplace.

Deep clean

Whether you have had staff on site throughout or are welcoming the return to work, your site should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly so that the highest level of cleanliness is achieved. Not only is this important for safety, but it will also give your staff the reassurance that you are putting them first.

Waste and recycling management

Depending on your industry, you may be operating with fewer staff and less stock. Having a waste and recycling provider that is flexible, sustainable and able to tailor your package to your requirements, whilst protecting the environment, can make this process easier for you.

Safe workspace

Ensuring your organisation is fully stocked with effective antibacterial products allows your staff and customers to maintain the cleanliness of themselves and their surroundings. Access to soap and water for regular hand-washing, hand sanitizer and antibacterial products are all essential to maintain a safe workplace.

Site clearance

This is a great time to get rid of any unwanted materials or equipment that are no longer in use at your organisation. By doing so, you will free up valuable space to allow for effective social distancing measures. Remember that any waste from your business will need to be disposed of at a business waste transfer station or collected by your business waste service provider.

Social distancing

Finally, no article on workplace safety can be complete without mentioning social distancing, which is paramount to employee and customer safety. Workstations and equipment may need rearranging, as well as positioning clear signs and markers on the walls and floors so that work can resume from a distance.

We hope that these tips will help you create a clean and welcoming workplace as your employees return to the office. As a business, we pride ourselves on being part of the business and residential communities of Bristol and we want to help those around us. Bristol Waste Business offers workplace services including deep cleaning, site clearances and business waste management.

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