Bristol’s new recycling fleet unveiled

Bristol Waste and Bristol Council representatives standing in front of a recycling truck and electric van

Our new recycling vehicles are here!

Our new efficient, sustainable, safer and reliable fleet of recycling vehicles have been unveiled.

Our brand new fleet of recycling vehicles have started to be rolled out across the city and they are looking great as well as being better for the environment. The vehicles can carry more recycling, reducing the number of trips they need to make back to the depot to unload, and in turn, their carbon footprint. This also means they can be out of the way of residents as quickly as possible, reducing congestion on the city’s streets. This is made possible by an onboard compactor which can crush the waste while travelling.

They will also meet clean air regulations thanks to their Euro6 engines, the most efficient low emission engine available, as well as running on a gas-to-liquid fuel which is cleaner, quieter and with reduced harmful emissions.

The new vehicles are fitted with improved safety equipment, looking after crews and the public. They are fitted with CCTV to protect staff and other road users and have cyclist protection alert systems for cyclist and driver safety. An integrated system will also prevent unauthorised driving.

Tony Lawless, Managing Director, Bristol Waste Company said: “Bristol is the number one core city for recycling. That’s something we are incredibly proud of, and a testament to the passion and support we see from the public in making sure Bristol wastes nothing.

“We are committed to constantly increasing our sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. That is why we are so proud of the new fleet which will reduce our carbon footprint and harmful emissions while increasing our ability to recycle more.”

Bristol Waste makes 11 million scheduled recycling collections every year across the city, collecting an average 70,000 tonnes of recycling. And they maintain an impressive 99% of scheduled collections being made on time.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said: “The waste our city produces can be a valuable resource if it is given a second life through reuse or recycling. We may already be the number one core city in England for recycling, but collectively we must do more to reduce our impact on the environment.

“The new efficient, sustainable, safer and reliable fleet will help us with that mission and is another step forward in improving air quality in the city. The vehicles will not only collect 70,000 tonnes of recycling and cover more than 800 miles of streets each year they also have the potential to reduce the city’s impact on the environment and increase our recycling rates.”

Other transport initiatives to reduce the company’s impact on the environment include the introduction of electric vans and three electric bikes to help staff travel around the city.

The new vehicles have a host of other features including being narrower to help them navigate Bristol’s historic, smaller streets, a more efficient operating system, overload protection to minimise the impact on highway surfaces and stainless-steel bodies for a longer life reducing the impact on materials.

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