Bristol’s litter mountain

A computer generated image of a pile of litter next to Cabot Tower in Bristol

Shocking images show Bristol's litter mountain

These computer-generated images depict Bristol’s annual street waste if it were collected into a single pile. To provide a sense of perspective, the litter mountain has been placed alongside familiar city landmarks such as Blaise Castle, Cabot Tower and the Wills Memorial Building, as well as on a typical residential street and the M32.

It represents the 3,700 metric tonnes of litter removed from the streets of Bristol in 2016. That’s the sum of everything collected by the Bristol Waste street cleansing team from streets.

These impressive images show how important it is we all do our bit to keep the streets of Bristol clean and green by taking our litter home with us or placing it into a litter bin.

The 37,000 metric tonnes depicted does not include litter which, for various reasons, we’re unable to collect because it was on private land, riverbanks, or dangerous roadsides. It also doesn’t include any fly-tipped waste or waste collected from a household wheelie bin.

Blaise Castle
Cabot Tower
Wills Memorial Building
A residential street
M32 motorway

Bristol's litter mountain

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